A Day in the Life of a Cat Herder: XIII

May 17th, 2010 by

“Never had a doubt in the beginning Never a doubt Trusted you true in the beginning I loved you right through On and on we laughed like kids At all the silly things we did You made me promises, promises Knowing I’d believe Promises, promises You knew you’d never keep Second time around, I’m still … Read the Rest »

A Day in the Life of a Cat Herder: XII

February 24th, 2010 by

It’s always very exciting to me, living in the Northeast, to hit February with the prospect of heading south for the NASCAR Super Bowl at Daytona International Speedway. This year was no different, only I was greeted on my arrival with colder temperatures than what I left in Boston. Thankfully, it was a somewhat cold … Read the Rest »

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