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I am interested. How do I do get involved?

It's easy, just click the subscribe button on any page to become a member and start racing.

What do I need to get started?

A relatively current home PC, broadband Internet connection and either a basic PC steering wheel and pedals, gamepad or joystick. These devices simply plug into the USB port in your computer and cost as little as 20 dollars. Full instructions are provided on the member site to help you configure your computer and controls and get started driving.

How much does iRacing cost?

A basic subscription for one year is $99 (which translates to $8.55 per month) and comes with everything you need to compete in your rookie season - three cars, two of them with two specifications each and seven tracks with 15 different configurations. We also offer additional content (cars and tracks) that cost either $11.95 or $14.95. Volume discounts are also available: 10% for any three pieces of content purchased at the same time, 20% for any six pieces of content purchased at the same time and 25% when you purchase everything available. The most cost-effective method to subscribe over time is the 2-year subscription plan which costs $179 or less than $7.50 per month. We also offer one and three month subscription packages for $12 and $30 respectively. In addition, we offer race participation credit in which you can earn up to $40 per year to put towards future purchases.

Is this a game?

It is to some members. We have many race gamers in iRacing and it certainly is great fun for them. To others, iRacing is a service for real-world racers and racing enthusiasts, as well as a platform for a new branch of global motorsport - known as internet racing - which is the sport of real-time, online racing. Still others fall some place in-between and are traditional sim racers that have loved head-to-head sim racing for many years. All are welcome and it makes for a much more robust and diversified experience. iRacing was designed to bring all racers under one roof but at the same time accommodate all of the various types of racing interests and levels.

Where do I buy it? Motorsport Simulations is available here at

What forms of payments does iRacing accept?

Payment options include Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express debit or credit cards. Other alternatives are prepaid bank debit/credit cards. Paypal is also available.

What kind of computer will I need?

In general, the simulation is designed to work on most home PCs currently available in stores. You may also choose to upgrade to a mid-range, dedicated 3D video card. The minimum specs for a PC are:

System Requirements
PC Computers:

  • Windows XP*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 or higher
  • NVidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800 or above graphics adapter recommended
  • 2 GB system RAM
  • 6 GB free hard disk space
  • Microphone optional, required for voice chat

*Windows XP support will end on March 31, 2014 (Posted August 2013)

Linux Computers:

  • RPM-Based Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat), etc.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 or higher
  • NVidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800 or above graphics adapter recommended
  • 2 GB system RAM
  • 6 GB free hard disk space
  • Microphone optional, required for voice chat
MAC OS X Computers:

  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
  • 2 GB of Ram
  • 6 GB free hard drive space
  • Microphone optional, required for voice chat
  • For more info on racing with your Mac click here
  • iRacing can additionally be run  with Apple’s Boot Camp utility.  For more information on installing Windows on an Apple Computer, please see your MAC user guide or this FAQ.
Will the simulation work on an Apple/Mac?

Yes! The simulation does work on the Mac OS X Operating system (versions 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9), as well as a Mac that has Windows XP*, Vista, 7, or 8/8.1 natively installed, provided the Mac hardware meets the simulation's minimum requirements, posted above.

*Windows XP support will end on March 31, 2014 (Posted August 2013)

Click Here for more information.

Will the simulation work with Linux?

Yes! The simulation does work on Linux systems, provided the machine hardware meets the simulation's minimum requirements, posted above.

When/how often will you provide updates?

New partner announcements, feature updates, updates on track and car development, as well as other news will be posted frequently on both the public site and member site. Although frequency will vary, we expect to have updates at least twice each month. In regards to product releases and development, we typically do a major development update to the service with improved features and functionality and new cars and tracks once every three months.

How do cars/tracks get chosen?

Cars and tracks are added through partnerships between and other entities within the motorsport industry. They are selected to enhance the breadth and depth of our offering, covering multiple ladders of advancement based on the various disciplines within the sport (e.g., road racing, oval-track racing, stock cars, formula cars, sports cars and sedans). For more information about partnerships with, please contact Steve Myers

Will you sponsor my racing/driving efforts?

While we encourage everyone in their on-track endeavors, we are not offering any sponsorship at this time. However, if you are interested in placing some decals on your race car to show your support for us, please e-mail with details on the car and what tracks you race with it.

Will I be able to drive all of the cars and tracks offered by

Yes. Just as in real-world racing, features talent ladders that drivers can climb, based on their experience, the skills they have acquired and their record of on-track safety. also offers you the opportunity to drive cars and tracks you would never have access to in the real world. And while for organized competition drivers need to progress through increasingly demanding license levels, all members have access to unlimited test sessions with the cars or tracks they've purchased. Additionally they can race the content they have purchased at any time in private hosted sessions.

Will support private leagues, allowing groups of friends to run invitation-only races?

As of the beginning of November, 2009 we will have private hosted sessions which many use in a private league format or simply a way to race privately with friends.

Does have racing clubs and competition among clubs?

Yes, has 35 different geographically based clubs, adding a team element to competition. With many different ways for members to contribute to their club's success, the clubs provide everyone an opportunity to get involved in the community, regardless of their skill level or particular area of interest.

How did the relationship between John Henry and Dave Kaemmer come about?

John got into simracing back in 1990, when he bought Dave's first title, "Indianapolis 500, The Simulation," and a set of controls for his PC. He loved road racing and spent a lot of time with Geoff Crammond's "Grand Prix," getting progressively more involved with the sport over the years. After he bought the Red Sox in 2002, John remembered hearing that Papyrus was located in the Boston area, so he stopped in to introduce himself to Dave, and while he was there the team showed him an early version of "NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season." John had so much fun driving it that he decided to form a league and eventually 50 or 60 of his friends were racing in it. That was the genesis of iRacing. Dave and John both shared a passion for simracing - what it was and what they both thought it could be.

Will development of iRacing continue?

Yes, as a subscription-based service with digital distribution, iRacing - including the simulation software and the member website - is continually expanded and enhanced. We add content, features and functionality regularly and, of course, the community grows and evolves.

Will iRacing feature only licensed products?

Yes, all of our cars and tracks are officially licensed. Authenticity and realism are our touchstones, so fantasy properties wouldn't really fit. And we respect the right of manufacturers, constructors and track owners to control what's theirs: their names, logos, likenesses and reputations. We will never model anything without the owner's permission to do so. That said, all of our licenses are non-exclusive, leaving our partners free to do business with anyone they choose. Locking-up properties doesn't serve our interest, that of our partners or internet racing in general.

Will there be any place for modders, league admins, etc. in the future of iRacing?

Our service is highly integrated; it's the only way we know that we can ensure the kind of seamless, user-friendly, high-quality experience that we believe is necessary to expand the simracing community beyond its current boundaries. But we will address our customers' desires for individualization. Members are able to customize their cars, driving suits and helmets, and we have private sessions available to support leagues and pick-up races within the iRacing structure. If by "modders" you mean people who create their own cars and tracks, at this point we don't have a way for them to build content that would work within our simulation. We understand that to some members of the simracing community modding is as important - if not more so - as the actual racing and someday that is a possibility at iRacing.

What is FIRST versus iRacing? Motorsport Simulations, LLC is the name of the company; iRacing (or is the name of our online simulation service, and FIRST is the sanctioning body that presides over all internet racing at In much the same way that the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) oversees the American Le Mans Series, FIRST will manage all sporting aspects of The objective of FIRST is to create a fair, rewarding and competitive environment for all iRacing members.

Is iRacing solely an online simulation, or can it be driven offline?

iRacing is an online-only simulation service and an internet racing community. That said, our members will have virtually unlimited opportunities to drive, race, practice or test - any car on any track. We also offer an off-line commercial version for testing only (driving any car you want on any track). Contact Otto Szebeni for more information.

Will there be new, licensed cars in the future?

Yes, as we go forward there will be a great deal more content. We've licensed more than 60 tracks; with the painstaking way we build them, that's going to keep us busy for awhile. But we're already talking to other tracks about licenses. So far our focus has been on North America, but we expect significant international expansion in the next several months. And we're in licensing discussions for a number of other cars and will begin announcing some of them in the near future.

Will iRacing accept requests for new cars and tracks?

One of the advantages of being a community is that we develop a regular dialog and a relationship with our members. So long as we're able to secure the appropriate licenses, we'll deliver what our customers tell us they want.

Can members re-sell content licenses (cars and tracks) when they are done with them?

We have no plans to create a secondary market in "used" cars, and we're not looking to create a virtual economy inside the community. Your car won't wear out. And while it may get damaged in a wreck, all that means is it won't drive right - or at all, depending on how hard you crashed. But in the next session your car will be good as new, and you won't have had to "pay" for the repairs.

Is there any guarantee that iRacing will continue to develop and support this product into the future?

There are no guarantees, but we are in this for the long haul. Dave Kaemmer has dedicated 20 years, basically his entire professional career, to making the most authentic simulations possible, and the core of our company is made up of people who have worked with Dave for much of that time. John Henry, meanwhile, is absolutely passionate about internet racing and is motivated by his desire to build a community where racers can get together, compete and share their common bond, which is a love of motorsport.

Is there any content that we are allowed to mod?

No. As clearly stated in the End User License Agreement, content cannot be modded. To even attempt to do so is a direct violation of the agreement. Again, the content can only be used by registered members within the iRacing service.

Do I "own" the content (cars and tracks) I have purchased?

No. You have purchased a license for use of the content on your personal computer, and then only per the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. Once you purchase the license for the content, we anticipate that it will be in service for many years in the simulation.

Will I ever lose the right to use the content for which I have purchased licenses?

As iRacing officially licenses all of the content in the sim, there is a chance iRacing could lose a license to distribute a certain piece of content or property. That means you will still have access to that content but iRacing will no longer be able to sell it to new members or to actively market it. Because of that, a property could conceivably get phased out of active racing, although you would still be able to test with that property. Please also keep in mind that all of the iRacing licenses are long-term in nature or are "in-perpetuity." We hope never to lose a property, but it is possible.

Is there a minimum guarantee that the content will be available for racing for a certain amount of time?

We currently have no plans to do that. However, if we have to completely rescan and reproduce a track because it has changed dramatically we do reserve that right. You currently get normal updates for your tracks and cars for free.

Would iRacing ever want to charge me again for a property?

Normally, you will never be subject to additional charges once you've purchased a piece of content, including for the normal revisions to tracks and cars as their physical-world counterparts change. The only scenario in which we anticipate the possibility of additional charges would be if a race track has been so substantially changed that the facility must be entirely or almost entirely re-scanned and our model of it reconstructed.

Can I send suggestions and feedback to iRacing about the product and service?

Yes, you can send feedback on the product and service from the Support Section of our member site. We view this as simple feedback. We appreciate the time and energy people put into this feedback to improve the service. Please understand that any ideas you suggest might already be under consideration and that any feedback or suggestions offered will be deemed to be unsolicited and voluntary and that no consideration will be given for such feedback or suggestions.

Can I copy iRacing content off the iRacing websites or materials and use for other purposes?'s images, marks or trademarks may only be used for any purpose with written permission from an authorized iRacing employee.

If I purchase a membership, how many people can use it?

Just you; it is a single-user license.

Can I download iRacing onto a second computer if I am a member?

Yes. Each license is a single-user license, but if you have other computers that you personally use for conveniences sake to log onto the service, you are permitted to download and install the service on additional computers for your personal use as a member of iRacing. e.g., you may have one computer at home and a second computer that you use for travel, at work or a second residence.

What if I buy a new computer?Do I need to inform iRacing?

No. You may download and install all of the iRacing software for which you are licensed onto your new computer at no additional charge.

I am familiar with NASCAR Racing: 2003, is this a mod of NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season?

No. We used the NR2003 code as a starting point, taking advantage of its greatest strengths, such as the net code, which allows full fields of drivers to race online in real time, and the replay system, which enables drivers to review their on-track performance. But every major section of the code has been substantially improved for the simulation, and large portions are all new.

Do you sell or support the NASCAR Racing: 2003 simulation?

No. While we own "NASCAR Racing: 2003", we do not sell or support it. No other commercial entity has a legal right to distribute or derive profit from NR2003. After the license that Vivendi (the publisher that owned "NASCAR Racing: 2003" before we purchased the rights) had to use the trademarks involved in NR2003 expired in 2004, any remaining copies had to be removed from shelves.

Does own the rights to NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (commonly referred to as NASCAR Racing 2003, NASCAR 2003, NR2003, NR2005, NR2007)? Can I use or modify that version or other versions of the NASCAR Racing series published originally by Papyrus Design Group and later owned by Vivendi? owns the exclusive rights to NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

, a precursor to iRacing acquired those rights from Vivendi in 2003. iRacing will protect its legal rights if violations of use or copyright are violated for any of its titles including NASCAR Racing 2003 Season which includes versions that are often titled NR2005 and NR2007 along with NR2003. We are not trying to monopolize sim racing in this regard but simply protecting our rights that we have invested millions of dollars and frankly years or decades of our lives building. There are plenty of sim racing options available to the community. We think is the best obviously but certainly other legal options available as well without resorting to pirated versions. We hope you understand and respect that. We take this seriously and in fact when people have ignored our requests to remove illegal versions and files we have had no choice other than to unfortunately litigate to protect our rights and valuable property. We now have publically available judgments and case law specific to iRacing and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and its publically known modifications in iRacing versus Robinson (summary info below).

We are happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard but here are some very basic guidelines based on that case in regard to using NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (NR2003, NR2005, NR2007):

Anybody producing, using or distributing a version NASCAR Racing 2003 Season or other versions of the NASCAR Racing Series that circumvented the original copy-righted versions as published by Papyrus /Vivendi is violating copyright law and the DMCA along with breaking the end user license agreement. Furthermore if anybody is modifying, copying, reproducing or distributing NASCAR Racing 2003 Season in any way it is a copyright violation and a end-user license agreement violation. If anybody is charging anybody else to use a version of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season they are in violation of copyright law and the EULA. This applies to trade show versions as well. Here is a little bit about the DMCA.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. In addition, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet. Passed on October 12, 1998 by a unanimous vote in the United States Senate and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998, the DMCA amended Title 17 of the United States Code to extend the reach of copyright, while limiting the liability of the providers of on-line services for copyright infringement by their users. On May 22, 2001, the European Union passed the Copyright Directive or EUCD, which addresses some of the same issues as the DMCA. But the DMCA's principal innovation in the field of copyright, the exemption from direct and indirect liability of internet service providers and other intermediaries (Title II of the DMCA), was separately addressed, and largely followed, in Europe by means of the separate Electronic Commerce Directive. (Unlike U.S. federal laws and regulations, the execution of European Union directives usually requires separate legislation by or within each of the Union's member states.)

iRacing v. Robinson (Federal District Court, Massachusetts)

iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC retained a law firm to protect its copyrights in the code base for NASCAR® 2003 computer game. After Tim Robinson, a self-proclaimed simulated racing enthusiast: (1) distributed customized applications over the Internet that automatically modified the NASCAR® 2003 game to appear to run different cars; and (2) by-passed the embedded system designed to require an original disc to be inserted in the end user's computer while running the program, we filed suit in Federal District Court in Massachusetts seeking a temporary restraining order and expedited discovery, which was granted. iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC v. Robinson, No. 05-11639 NG (D. Mass. Aug. 26, 2005). Thereafter, the Court denied Robinson's motion to dismiss (or alternatively to transfer venue), even though the end user license agreement vested exclusive jurisdiction in the Los Angeles courts, given evidence that Robinson knew that iRacing was headquartered in Massachusetts and that his alleged violation of iRacing's copyrights would cause injury in Massachusetts. iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC v. Robinson, No. 05-11639 NG (D. Mass. May 1, 2006). The Court thereafter granted summary judgment for iRacing on its Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim and found that iRacing had established: (1) all of the requisite elements of its copyright infringement claim; and (2) three of the four factors of Robinson's fair use defense in iRacing's favor. iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC v. Robinson, No. 05-11639 NG (D. Mass. May 25, 2007). The Court later found that Robinson had also breached the end user license agreement. iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC v. Robinson, No. 05-11639 NG (D. Mass. Sept. 24, 2007). A bench trial was conducted to determine damages - and to consider the fourth factor of Robinson's fair use defense - in February 2009. On May 28, 2009, the Court entered an Order against Robinson finding him liable on all counts, including copyright infringement, violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, breach of a confidentiality agreement, and breach of an end user license agreement. The court entered judgment against Robinson for over $25,000. Robinson, No. 05-11639 NG (D. Mass. May 28, 2009). See also First Racing LLC v. McArthur, No. 05-10544 JLT (D. Mass. May 10, 2005) (settled favorably for copyright holder following the entry of a temporary restraining order against further Internet distribution of applications infringing on NASCAR® 2003 copyrights).

Are there commercial versions and tradeshow versions of iRacing available?

Yes, contact Otto Szebeni for more information.

Are there advertising or corporate sponsorship opportunities at iRacing?

Yes, contact Otto Szebeni for more information.

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