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Go Racing Package

The Go Racing Package from iRacing

Everything you need to go racing on your Internet connected PC – a Force Feedback wheel and pedal set and a one year membership to Plus, the first 50 customers who purchase the Go Racing Package will get a free baseball cap!
Package includes:


TwinWheel FF PC Racing Wheel

  • Force Feedback wheel so you can feel every bump and curb as you race head-to-head on
  • Wheel clamps to any standard desk for easy setup and use
  • Realistic throttle and brake pedals


One year iRacing membership

  • Road and oval racing licenses
  • All of the cars and tracks needed to compete in your rookie seasons
  • Race in officially sanction races including NASCAR, Indy car and sports car championships
  • Host your own race against your friends with dozens of tracks and car combinations


iRacing Baseball Cap

  • A beautifully embroidered black baseball cap, featuring the logo

This is over a $200 value but for a limited time iRacing is offering it all for only $149. So whether you want to go racing yourself or are looking for the perfect holiday gift, the Go Racing Package from iRacing has you covered.

All purchases are final. No returns or refunds.

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