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Community Overview is a worldwide community of likeminded online racing enthusiasts and sim racers. The following list is a collection of sites from around the web which are created largely by the community and organizations interested in simracing. Sites range from setups, to paint schemes, sim racing news, discussion and leagues. If you have a site that you’d like to submit, please contact us.

iRacing Community – ENGLISH US – Your source for all of the Latest News in Real World and Virtual Motor Sports - ENGLISH – History of and development of NASCAR Series on – ENGLISH – NASCAR World Championship standings on – ENGLISH – NASCAR World Championship schedule on – ENGLISH US – iRacing car setups, utilities and more. – ENGLISH GERMANY BASED – iRacing Stats Center (scriptmonkey pulled stats) ENGLISH – iRacing Wikipedia Entry. – ENGLISH – iRacing Facebook. – ENGLISH – iRacing Youtube. – ENGLISH – iRacing Twitter – ENGLISH – Nationally syndicated motorsports racing show broadcast in millions of homes each week that is sponsored by and includes multiple show segments about iRacing – ENGLISH – Some mods for iRacing (JJ Spotter pack). – ENGLISH – iRacing Podcast – SLOVAK – iRacing news – ENGLISH – Mark Carpenter providing iRacing setups and some utilities. – ENGLISH – Helps iRacers with league setup. – JAPANESE – iRacing news and reports in Japanese. – FRENCH – Explains iRacing rules/use and provides news updates. – ENGLISH – iRacing paint exchange. – ENGLISH – Helps iRacing simracers share car setups with the community - SPANISH - A Spanish iRacing community. – ENGLISH – Community database of iRacing leagues

FAQ – ENGLISH – The member site FAQ and knowledge base. – ENGLISH – US sim racing community – GERMAN – A young GERMAN community, including a SETUPFIELD.

iRacing Clubs – ENGLISH US – Florida Club site. – Spanish – Club Iberia. – FRENCH – French Club Web site. – DANISH – Part of the Scandinavia club.

Simracing Teams – ENGLISH AUSTRALIA – Australian iRacing sim racing community – GERMAN – Rising star motorsports team uses iRacing. – ENGLISH US – “iRacing league and racing club.” – ENGLISH – General simracing team since early 2009 – ENGLISH US – International racing team competing in many races with varying simulations including iRacing. – ENGLISH – White Rain racing team. – ENGLISH – Podium Assault Race Team’s main website – ENGLISH – Simracing team set up in May of 2000. – BRAZILLIAN – Brazillian simracing team. – ENGLISH – Trans Tasman Racing Team – ENGLISH – International simracing team since 2002. – ENGLISH – iRacing Team.

Spanish GTros SimRacing Team – SPANISH – iRacing Team. Spanish team with great representation in iRacing approximately 20 members in the simulator with expansion to more people.

General Simracing – ENGLISH- Web TV show all about Sim Racing – ENGLISH- On-line sim racing magazine covering the sim market – ITALIAN – Italian blog about simracing and iRacing. – ENGLISH – Reports on all things sim racing including iRacing. – ENGLISH – Hosting an assortment of leagues, schedules, results, and standings. – SPANISH – Latin America general sim racing forum – RUSSIAN – iRacing and general sim racing news – ENGLISH – General sim racing news – SPANISH – Latin America iRacing news and info – SPANISH – Latin America iRacing sim racing forum. – ENGLISH – Simracing community including iRacing – GERMAN – German online and iRacing community. – ENGLISH – General simracing site



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Ed Sutcliffe – member staff – Blogs from staff

iRacing League Websites

iRacing League Database

These leagues are tracked by the following website: Information tracked includes number of participants, races, and when the last race occurred