Anti-Cheat Software Engineer

iRacing, the industry leader in online racing simulation and esports, is looking for an experienced and detail-oriented software engineer who has a background in identifying and
addressing vulnerabilities in software and preventing exploits.

Job Description

As an Anti-Cheat Software Engineer, you will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of systems and features related to the security and integrity of our racing simulation. You will be expected to become familiar with the cheat landscape, and what exploits people are using and are developing. You will also proactively identify areas of vulnerability in the product, and work to stay a step ahead of the scene. You will also be responsible for the ongoing collaboration and integration of the EAC software, as well as finding alternative 3rd party methods of cheat prevention if applicable.

Job Duties:

  • Gather information for exploits used for our sim
  • Analysis, debugging, and reverse-engineering
  • Develop new features and tools related to cheat prevention and detection
  • Research industry threats in the cheating scene and implement safeguards
  • Aiding in the development and design of new and existing features for the prevention of
    software exploits
  • Programming the game and/or tools using C/C++
  • Assist in the upkeep and maintenance of existing technologies
  • Identify potential 3rd party solutions for cheat prevention
  • Solving complex technical problems that occur within the game’s production
  • Disseminating knowledge to colleagues, and communicating with customers
  • Understanding complex written and oral information, ideas and instructions
  • Working closely with team members to meet the needs of a project or feature
  • Performing effectively under pressure and with a sense of urgency


  • 5+ years’ experience with C or C++
  • Comfort with windows process management, dynamic link libraries, and memory
  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

To Apply, send your resume and CV to:

iRacing is committed to inclusive excellence and wants to create the best motorsport simulation experiences in the market. This includes collaboration from diverse, talented individuals. We encourage women, people of color, and applicants from the LGBTQIA+ community to apply.

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