iRacing, the industry leader in PC-based racing simulation and eSports, is looking for an experienced, detail-oriented environment artist.

Position Status:

  • Local/Hybrid in MA, US
  • Full-Time
  • Eligible for US Employment

Job Description

As an environment artist at iRacing you will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks focused on bringing our racetracks to life. iRacing is a simulation of the real world, and the assets you create will be sourced from photographs and laserscan data. In this role you will see all of your assets through to completion, so you must be proficient in 3D modeling, UV mapping, and texturing. Our rendering engine is a modern PBR environment, and you will create photo-realistic texture materials including albedo, spec, ao, normalmaps.

The iRacing track environments are fully dynamic and our users can race at them at any time of day. To support this you will create “night” lighting setups to convert existing day scenes into night via placement of lightmaps and texture baking. To fill in the scenery you will populate scenes with trees and vegetation to make it feel like a real natural environment, using tools such as SpeedTree.

Recreating a real location and having it feel believable and authentic is a challenging task. This requires artists with an eye for detail and the ability to identify areas where additional detail would enhance that impression vs those which might not. If you have a strong foundation in realistic environments and a broad level of experience with both modeling and texturing, this could be a great opportunity for you to join our growing company and help build the world’s #1 eSport racing simulation.

Essential Skills

  • Generalist background able to transition from modeling to texturing to production as required by a
  • Adaptability and willingness to challenge yourself, build your skillset, and tackle new techniques and
    tasks to build the best game possible.
  • Experience creating natural materials such as grasses and other earthen materials, foliage, etc.
  • Ability to create photorealistic assets that are not stylized
  • Ability to quickly pick up concepts and be comfortable with technical challenges
  • Ability to work well self-directed
  • Expert level 3D Studio Max
  • Expert level Photoshop
  • Experience with Substance Designer

Preferred Skills

  • 5+ years experience in professional game art development
  • Passion for motorsports a plus
  • Experience with game scripting
  • Experience with high res sculpting for normal maps (zbrush, mudbox)
  • Experience with Speedtree
  • Experience capturing reference photography
  • Experience creating tiled texture from photogrammetry
  • Experience creating 3D models from photogrammetry

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