This is a list of known issues with the new UI that do not need to be reported:

Things crossed out denote things addressed

Host a Race

  • It takes 10-20 minutes for a new hosted race to show up in the list
  • Selecting car fuel defaults to 0
  • Only one car card appears when multiple cars are selected
  • Hosted session time limits should not be allowed to be set to zero minutes


  • “Responsive” sizing issues when resizing the window
  • Allowed to register for certain sessions while updating
  • When you have your desktop set to a unified sized desktop (combined 3 monitors), sometimes your Windows taskbar will overlap the message bar in the bottom when running windowed; you can adjust the height slightly to see it and fix this
  • Cars and tracks need to be re-selected after update to test drive
  • Setting a static background will remove your ability to scroll the window
  • Fix for that blinding flash of white light when entering and exiting the UI from sessions, etc
  • The ‘Ring combined should be in test drive
  • The header doesn’t remember what license you have selected
  • The header doesn’t show the proper helmet design to match members
  • When I join a session it rejoins me constantly


This is a list of improvements we are working on for next release:

  • Favorites: You will soon be able to select your favorite series, cars, and tracks. When you toggle “Favorites” only your favorite content and series are displayed.
  • Series List Table Views: We are working on separating out the table view for series into each session type “Race/Qualify/Practice/Time Trials”. Each view will be tailored to the session type that is being displayed.