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Announcing iRacing Mobile!

We are excited to finally announce that iRacing is on track to become an exclusive title for your smartphones and tablets! Given how quickly the mobile gaming market has grown, it's time for iRacing to embrace the casual gaming audience. In a year's time, we will be dropping our PC and Mac support, in order to focus our attention towards developing on this exciting new platform.

With iRacing on your mobile device, you'll be able to hop in a race whenever and wherever you want! Waiting on line for coffee? Just pull out your phone and instantly immerse yourself in the Indy 500! No longer will you have to deal with bulky gaming rigs and wheels - all you need is your smartphone! Bring iRacing with you wherever you may be.

The versatility of iRacingMobile allows us to incorporate a more intuitive driving control system. Simply hold your device out in front of you, and rotate it as you turn - just like a real steering wheel. Touch the top right of your screen to accelerate and the top left to brake. Likewise, touch the bottom right of your screen to upshift, and the bottom left to downshift. It's that simple! It's never been easier to start a successful racing career with iRacing.

“We've been working on this project for some time now,” said Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer at iRacing.com. “But now that I've tried our mobile version, there's no going back for me. The new interface and control system is so innovative and easy to use, I just wish we had done this sooner.”


  • Intuitive race controls: your smartphone IS the steering wheel! And the gas/brake pedal! And the gear shifters!
  • Back to basics: we took the liberty of removing the cumbersome dashboard display, so now you can focus on what really matters - flooring it and going really fast!
  • Race on the go! *
  • Virtually no menus! Simply start up the app and it'll load you into the next available race! No more fiddling around with all those cumbersome series/car/track selections, we'll decide for you.

*WARNING: iRacingMobile significantly depletes battery life

And for once, we have a firm release date! iRacing is set to cancel our PC/Mac/Linux service and launch exclusively on iPhone and Android on April 1st, 2016.

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