View and Edit a Team

In the Teams section of the iRacing UI, clicking on a team opens a modal window that allows you to view information about that team. Here, you can see the Team Roster and Team Sessions, as well as edit your Team Information. The Team Roster view allows you to view a team’s current members, pending invites, and pending applications. With the Team Sessions view, you can see all Sessions in which current team members are active. You can edit your team information using the button at the bottom left.

Once your template team is modified in any way, it will automatically become a real team which other members can find through searches. If you later delete this team, it will once again become your template team.

Invite Members to Your Team

To invite a member to your team from the Team Roster view, simply click the “Add a Team Member” button. This will allow you to search for the member you want to invite either by name or customer ID. Once you find the correct member, just click on their name in the search results, and click the “Invite” button that appears. The invitation should appear in the Invitations tab of your team within a minute.

The invited member will receive a notification of the invitation, and the team will appear on their Teams page with an indication that they are not yet a member, and that they have been invited to join.

Apply to a Team

To apply to a team, the first step is to search and find the team. On the Teams page, the “Find a Team” button at the top right allows you to search for a team by name or team ID.

Once the search results are displayed, you can either click a team name to view the team information before applying, or click the “Apply” button to proceed to the application step. This will provide you with a chance to write an application message, which might be useful if the team owner or admins don’t know you well.

If a team is not accepting applications, the “Apply” button will be replaced with an indication that the team is Not Recruiting.


Accept an Invitation to a Team

Once you’ve been invited to join a team, that team will appear in your Teams page with a status of “Invited” displayed. Click on the team to view the Team Info, and you will be allowed to accept or reject the invitation.