The sun was set and the lights were on as the best sim racers from all over the world tried to tackle the challenges Kentucky Speedway presents under the night sky. provides laser scanned tracks, which this week was bad news for the competitors in the NASCAR Class A Series (NiCAS), as every bump, tunnel, and divot at the aging speedway would effect the handling of their Chevrolet Impala. This slight difference between having a car setup to maneuver over the bumps, compared to a car that hits the splitter at every seam would be the difference of who stands in victory lane, and who heads to the showers early.

Robert Hall put together the best week of his sim racing career, not only winning the NASCAR Series World Championship (NiSWC) race held at Kentucky, but he came right back to lead the way in the NiCAS points on the week as well. The final tally for Hall was 347 points, edging out fellow NiSWC competitor Carson McClelland by 17 points. Leading 85 of the 110 laps, Hall dominated top rated field of the week to put the finishing touches on a week most sim racers could only dream of. Motorsport Simulations

Robert Hall caps off a dominate week

Former NASCAR Pro Series (NiPS) contender Jeremy Thornton was the first of the Class A licensed drivers in Kentucky, racking up 313 points to help solidify his return to the NiPS. Benjamin Burmeister is another bubble driver that came up with a solid week at the right time, going fourth overall scoring a much needed 301 points. Rounding out the top five was an impressive showing from Dustin Montgomery, who hails from Paintsville, KY.

Twelve starts was the magic number on the week to earn the title of most dedicated, this week it goes to Larry Reed of the Carolina Club. Reed scored top fives in half his starts to go along with two wins in a very solid week. The most wins would go to Chris Shollenbarger of Ohio, who won all four of his starts.

Status quo for the top drivers in the race to make it into the NiPS, with Cody Byus still leading the charge. Things heat up at the transfer spot currently being filled by former NiSWC driver Matthew Moose. Trenton Moriarity is on the outside looking in, but only sits 83 points out of the transfer spot.

Next stop on the NiCAS tour is a trip to the famed Daytona International Raceway for Week Ten of the twelve week season. The freshly repaved circuit is laser scanned and ready to be attacked by all members willing to take part in the events. The “Tandem Drafting” will be in effect, but not for long as drivers will need to cool their engines after only a couple of laps. Don’t miss out on what is always a great week of racing, and check back at next week for a full recap.

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