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The next generation of Racing Motorsport Simulations, headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, was founded in September of 2004 by David Kaemmer, co-founder of Papyrus Racing Games, and John Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox.’s mission is to create the world’s leading and most authentic PC-based racing simulation and grow a new branch of motorsport through real-time, online competition – otherwise known as simracing. iRacing now has over 150,000 members and growing every day.

iRacing is always looking for talented individuals to join the team!  We offer a rewarding culture and competitive salary and benefits.  

Available Jobs:

Environment Artist

iRacing, the industry leader in PC-based racing simulation and eSports, is looking for an experienced, detail-oriented environment artist.

Position Status:

  • Local/Hybrid in MA, US
  • Full-Time
  • Eligible for US Employment

Job Description

As an environment artist at iRacing you will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks focused on bringing our racetracks to life. iRacing is a simulation of the real world, and the assets you create will be sourced from photographs and laserscan data. In this role you will see all of your assets through to completion, so you must be proficient in 3D modeling, UV mapping, and texturing. Our rendering engine is a modern PBR environment, and you will create photo-realistic texture materials including albedo, spec, ao, normalmaps.

The iRacing track environments are fully dynamic and our users can race at them at any time of day. To support this you will create “night” lighting setups to convert existing day scenes into night via placement of lightmaps and texture baking. To fill in the scenery you will populate scenes with trees and vegetation to make it feel like a real natural environment, using tools such as SpeedTree.

Recreating a real location and having it feel believable and authentic is a challenging task. This requires artists with an eye for detail and the ability to identify areas where additional detail would enhance that impression vs those which might not. If you have a strong foundation in realistic environments and a broad level of experience with both modeling and texturing, this could be a great opportunity for you to join our growing company and help build the world’s #1 eSport racing simulation.

Essential Skills

  • Generalist background able to transition from modeling to texturing to production as required by a
  • Adaptability and willingness to challenge yourself, build your skillset, and tackle new techniques and
    tasks to build the best game possible.
  • Experience creating natural materials such as grasses and other earthen materials, foliage, etc.
  • Ability to create photorealistic assets that are not stylized
  • Ability to quickly pick up concepts and be comfortable with technical challenges
  • Ability to work well self-directed
  • Expert level 3D Studio Max
  • Expert level Photoshop
  • Experience with Substance Designer

Preferred Skills

  • 5+ years experience in professional game art development
  • Passion for motorsports a plus
  • Experience with game scripting
  • Experience with high res sculpting for normal maps (zbrush, mudbox)
  • Experience with Speedtree
  • Experience capturing reference photography
  • Experience creating tiled texture from photogrammetry
  • Experience creating 3D models from photogrammetry

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Quality Assurance Tester

Position Title:

Quality Assurance Tester


Position Status:


Eligible for US Employment


Job Description:

We are seeking a Quality Assurance Tester who will specialize in testing new and existing content and systems with the sharpest eye for detail. This person’s focus is on exhaustive and expansive testing, ensuring the highest bar of quality is met with each new addition or upgrade to the iRacing experience. The Quality Assurance Tester would regularly perform functional and exploratory testing suites, write, track, and regress bugs, and provide quality reports to management. This person would work most closely with our Quality Assurance Specialist to help manage and report bugs, and also with the ALPHA Test Team for team and group testing as needed.


Job Duties:

  • Responsible for running regular functional testing and issue tracking on a variety of content.
  • Play a leading role in maintaining the quality of the iRacing experience.
  • Review, test, and report on features, systems, cars, tracks, and the usability of iRacing.
  • Run testplans to shake out as many issues as possible for developers.
  • Generate qualitative and quantitative data and metrics to support test suites.
  • Conduct experimental testing of both new and old features to ensure software stability, performance, and quality.
  • Maintain the ability to approach familiar content with a fresh perspective.
  • Help to prioritize content and feature development based on project needs.
  • Remain agile and adaptable to quickly approach new goals.
  • Track and report on issues discovered by the various iRacing user groups.
  • Review, test, and report bugs and issues.
  • Assist with special projects as needed.


Required Qualifications:

  • Eligible for US Employment.
  • Strong computer and technical skills.
  • Quality assurance application testing and/or equivalent application knowledge.
  • Basic understanding of test methodologies and testing processes.
  • Proficiency working with spreadsheets, datasets, and organizing and displaying data.
  • A passion for problem solving and documentation.
  • Exceptional eye for detail, an analytical mind, and the ability to perceive an experience from multiple usability lenses.
  • Self-driven, strong work ethic, patient, and superb organizational skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills conducive to working in a team environment, including with other individuals online.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Work or undergraduate experience related to software development, testing, computer science, engineering, design, writing, or web development strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of software development, web technologies, and JIRA or other bug tracking software strongly preferred.
  • Programming expertise, 3D art skills, and web development knowledge are each a big plus.
  • Experience working with hardware components or building PCs is a big plus.
  • Fundamental knowledge of motorsports, racecraft, and vehicle dynamics preferred.
  • Availability for work in the office in Chelmsford, MA.



If you would like to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to


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Software Engineer/Programmer

Position Status:

  • Position based in office in Chelmsford, MA, USA
  • Full-Time
  • Eligible for US Employment

Description:, the industry leader in PC-based racing simulations/racing games, is looking for an experienced, detail-oriented person to join the engineering team.

Job Duties:

  • Aiding in the development and design of new and existing features for the simulation/game
  • Programming the game and/or tools using C/C++
  • Quality testing of the game in a systematic and thorough way to find problems or bugs
  • Solving complex technical problems that occur within the game’s production
  • Disseminating knowledge to colleagues and customers
  • Understanding complex written and oral information, ideas and instructions
  • Working closely with team members to meet the needs of a project or feature
  • Performing effectively under pressure and with a sense of urgency


  • 5+ years’ experience with C or C++
  • Comfortable operating in Windows environment with DirectX
  • Game or Simulation experience for PC or Consoles preferred
  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Knowledge or interest in Motorsport or racing games a plus
  • Any experience in the following a plus: Sound engineering, graphics engines, physics, AI, physically-based modeling, controllers, modeling and animation, user-experience design

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VFX Artist

iRacing is seeking a VFX artist to help create and maintain particle and other effects in our racing sim.  As a VFX artist, you will be responsible for creating realistic and visually believable real-time effects for the racetracks, racecars, and other areas of our racing simulation game. Your work will breathe life into the game world and create a more immersive experience for the user.


– Create stunning VFX for the sim, including but not limited to: environmental VFX, weather effects, backfires, fireworks, and other various effects that combine to create the impression of a fully immersive real world. 

– Prototype effect ideas while striving to innovate the effect process.

– Create 3D and 2D assets for use in your effects.

– Generation of flipbooks.

– Work directly with in-engine shader tuning.

– Extensive use of PopcornFX, the middleware particle system we’ve integrated with our sim.

– Optimize effects to run efficiently within the game while maintaining high quality standards.

– Partner closely with the team Art Director, Technical Art Director, engineering and other artists to come up with creative solutions to VFX requests.

– Ability to be a generalist and tackle multiple facets of a project.

– Collaborate with other FX artists to share techniques, assets and ideas.

– Identify and recommend new effects, techniques, and ways to improve the sim.

– Work with a dedicated team who is passionate about what they do.



– 3+ years experience as a professional game developer.

– Extensive use of PopcornFX (or equivalent VFX product)

– Experience working within a game engine to tune visual effects.

– Understanding of VFX asset costs and impact on performance.

– Strong understanding of how to create photo realistic effects.

– A good understanding of physics, motion and animation techniques.

– Mastery of software packages needed to create the artwork that supports these effects, such as Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop.

– Technically and creatively inclined with a strong artistic vision.

– Experience with Python and VEX a plus.

– BFA in the arts, or equivalent art training a plus.

– Understanding of motorsports a plus.

Location: Position is based in our Chelmsford, MA office. Candidate must possess any required visas or working papers to work in the United States

Send your resume cover letter to Greg Hill at

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