We think iRacing is pretty great, and so do a lot of other people. See what the media is saying about iRacing:


“The Races Are Digital, and So Are the Ads, but the Money Is Real”  The New York Times, January 2021:


“It’s regarded by many as the ultimate driving sim” eurogamer.net: www.eurogamer.net

“iRacing has boosted NASCAR during the pandemic. Now esports may help shape racing’s future.”  The Washington Post, October 2020:

“Fox’s virtual Texas NASCAR race sets esports record with 1.3 million viewers”  FoxSports.com, April 2020:

“Texas eNASCAR iRacing Event Breaks TV Record for Esports Broadcast”  Autoweek.com, March 2020:


NASCAR Texas event tops TV record for eSports event, NBCSN.com , March 2020

“Simulated NASCAR Race Garners 1.33M Total Viewers on Fox, FS1”  TheEsportsObserver.com, March 2020:

“Brave new world: iRacing drivers nearing the next frontier”  NASCAR.com, February, 2020:

“What a Le Mans winner gets out of iRacing”  Autosport, February, 2020:

“The Grand Poobah of simulation racing”  PCGamesN, March, 2019:

“Drivers, connect your Wi-Fi! iRacing a hit in NASCAR”  The Washington Post, February 2019:




“William Byron details how he went from iRacing to the iconic No. 24 car”  FoxSports.com, July 2018:



“Success in online simulator earns local competitor real-life shot in dirt-track racing” Hillsdale Daily News , July 2018: www.hillsdale.net

“How a Virtual Race Track is Built” Jalopnik.com, June 2018: www.jalopnik.com



How iRacing is changing the Dirt Track Game. onedirt.com



Translating sim racing to Spec Miata racer.com


Red Bull GRC Joins iRacing, autoweek.com


iRacing has been an asset in my career – NASCAR driver Landon Cassill on iRacing, NBCSN.com

I think esports is a huge, huge industry right now  – NASCAR driver Landon Cassill on iRacing www.nesn.com


“If Logano is heading to a new track, or a track where he needs a refresher, he often plays iRacing” – nytimes.com, July 2017: www.nytimes.com

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“I never thought I’d be able to drive. iRacing opened the door to see what I could do in a real car” William Byron, – thegazette.com, July 2017: www.thegazette.com

“To drive like a NASCAR star, break out the video games” – Wired.com, June 2017: www.wired.com

“This is one of the coolest things I have ever done on a computer” – NASCAR driver and NBCSN host Parker Kligerman on iRacing Dirt Racing

Dirt has officially come to iRacing – AutoWeek.com, March 2017: autoweek.com


Dirt expansion provides virtual drivers iRacing fix – DirtOnDirt.com, May 2017: dirtondirt.com

The closest a gamer can get to real racing – AutoWeek.com, March 2017: autoweek.com


Online racers are making the transition from pixels to pavement – and winning! – Grassroots Motorsports, April 2017: grassrootsmotorsports.com

Battling a former F1 driver on iRacing – PCGamer.com, December 2016: www.pcgamer.com

“How an 18-year old became a racing prodigy without even leaving his bedroom” sportsvice.com, December 2016: www.sportsvice.com

“At the sharp end of racing simulation, the competition is fierce and comes from all quarters.” Car & Driver, July 2016: www.caranddriver.com

“William got his start and had great success with iRacing before ever even stepping foot in a race car!” Brian France, Chairman/CEO NASCAR November 2016: www.sporttechie.com

“How a video game developed NASCAR’s newest rookie superstar” Polygon.com, August 2016: www.polygon.com

“Eldora Speedway becomes first dirt track to sign deal with iRacing” foxsporst.com, April 2016: www.foxsports.com

“The Most Epic Racing Sim Ever” Jalopnik.com, December 2015: www.jalopnik.com

“A cure for the offseason,” espn.com, December 2014: www.espn.com

“Internet racing champion Glenn McGee has transitioned from virtual racing to racing in real life” Road Show by Cnet, May 2016: www.cnet.com


“Mazda Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is,” May 2016: www.digitaltrends.com

“Simulator Pioneer Goes Pro,” WindingRoad.com, April 2016: www.windingroad.com

iRacing was ranked the top racing game on PC Gamer’s list of top 100 games of all time – #39 overall. March 2012

“top-tier iRacing events are broadcast to a growing global audience via the internet, and sometimes even on regular television channels, like the pan-European Motors TV” vice.com, February 2016: www.vice.com

“How the right video game makes you a faster driver,” Jalopnik.com, July 2012: www.jalopnik.com

In April of 2015 iRacing was named to the top 20 games of all-time list at eurogamer.net: www.eurogamer.net



Bridgetogantry.com is the authority on the Nordschleife. See what they had to say about our version: www.bridgetogantry.com


“iRacing is the real driving simulator,” engadget.com, February 2014: www.endgadget.com

“A look into the future of driving sims,” popular mechanics.com, November 2013: www.popularmechanics.com

“4 of the most hardcore racing simulators you can play on PC right now,” makeuseof.com, April 2014: www.makeuseof.com




Relied on as a training tool by countless professional drivers, iRacing is unrivaled as a racing simulator because its creators have managed to capture every last car and track detail, and recreate them in a package that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being behind the wheel of a racecar pushing its mechanical limits on courses designed to test drivers’ mettle. And the industry agrees.

Here, you can read about the recent media coverage iRacing has garnered. While our racing simulator has evolved greatly over the years, the media and industry accolades have remained a constant. And yet, every year we strive to push the envelope further with new features, tracks and cars.

Thanks to the coverage from respected publications in the racing and gaming industries, there are plenty of voices to confirm what many of our fans already know — iRacing is the best online racing simulator available for casual and hardcore racers alike. So read up on the latest news, reviews and accolades for iRacing.com right here.