Week One of the NiCCS (Fixed Setup) attracted stellar fields including WDC champions Ray Alfalla and Hugo Luis.

Texas Motor Speedway is one of the most popular tracks within the iRacing.com service because of its high speeds and great racing. 1,641 sim racers attempted to conquer the 1.5-mile beast located in Fort Worth, Texas, during Week One of the NASCAR iRacing.com Class C Series (Fixed Setup), but after seven days of full-throttle, hard-nosed racing, it was Jordan Hightower (Mid-South) who came out on top in more ways than one.

While Hightower earned the most championship points for Week One, he was not able to win the week’s highest Strength of Field race. That honor went to two-time NASCAR iRacing.com Series World Championship champion Ray Alfalla (Florida), who was the victor of the 3802 SoF race. Alfalla was able to beat fellow NiSWC driver Bryon Daley (New York) by a slim margin of 0.436 seconds. Former NiSWC driver and current NASCAR iRacing Pro Series competitor Pedro Mojica (Texas) finished in the final podium spot, 0.720 seconds behind race winner Alfalla. Patrick Davis (Michigan) and NiSWC driver Chad Coleman (Georgia) rounded-out the top five.

Whenever Alfalla leaves his normal duties as driver of the No. 2 ProGeek Consulting Chevrolet in the NiSWC, people take notice. I wanted to know why Alfalla ventured down into the NiCCFS and he was more than happy to participate in a small question and answer session.

iRN: What brings you ‘down’ into the NASCAR iRacing Class C Fixed Series?
RA: I really enjoy racing the truck. It is relatively easy to drive compared to the Class A car, which gives me a bit of relief sometimes from the stress of the NiSWC.

iRN: How do you feel about the new drafting model that was implemented in the latest build iRacing released?
RA: Overall, I think it is magnified too much, but it can provide for a good race with the right drivers.

Take one of iRacing’s most popular series, add one of iRacing’s most popular tracks and the result is more than 1,600 sim racers participating in the action.

Hightower left Texas with the lead in the NiCCFS by just two points over JR Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry (Mid-South). Third place is currently held down by Alfalla who won the week’s highest SoF race. Although he did win that race, he was not able to earn the most championship points during the week because only the best 25% of races are counted and Alfalla ended the week with six starts. Daley currently sits in the fourth position and rounding-out the top five is Georgia native Jason Jacoby.

On top of earning the most championship points during the week, Hightower was also the fastest qualifier, turning in a time of 29.705 seconds. Second place on the week belonged to an unfamiliar face on the oval side of the iRacing service: former iRacing.com Grand Prix World Championship Series champion Hugo Luis (Brazil), who turned in a time just seven-thousandths of a second slower than Hightower (29.712 seconds). California’s David Krikorian finished off the week in the third position followed by Brandon Slong (Atlantic) and Eugene Mozgunov (Central-Eastern Europe) who filled the remaining spots in the top five.

Week Two takes the drivers west into Arizona as the NiCCFS visits Phoenix International Raceway, so until then, keep the pedal to the metal and you might find yourself gracing the front page of inRacingNews. Head on over to iRacing.com to be part of the action and you could win a Logitech G27 wheel and pedal set by claiming any of the Season Four divisional championships in the NASCAR iRacing Class C Series (fixed setup) or by being chosen at random from iRacers running the Logitech logo in any series.  Click here for complete details.

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