Have you ever wondered how it would feel to race in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car? Ask one of the 2000 sim-racers who have raced in the iRacing.com NASCAR Class A Series this season. The series runs the car used in the Sprint Cup Series on the same tracks as their real life counterparts like Kentucky Speedway, Daytona International Speedway and Texas Motor Speedway.

In real life, Matt Kenseth is leading the NASCAR Sprint Cup points. In iRacing, the NASCAR Class A championship points leader is Pennsylvania’s Cody Byus. Cody has two Class A wins this season, one at Charlotte and one at Michigan, but do you know when he got his first iRacing win? Do you know what he does outside of iRacing? Find out the answers to those questions and more down . . .

Q:      How did you get started in iRacing?

A:      At the end of 2010 my friend would always talk about the sim and one day I decided to give it a try and ever since then I have been hooked.

Q:      How did it feel when you finally won your first oval race?

A       It felt good knowing it only took me one day from when I became a member to get my first win in the Rookie Legends and gave me hope that maybe one day I could succeed in this sim.

Q:      What is your most memorable accomplishment in iRacing?

A:      My most memorable moment would have to be my first Class A win at Charlotte in the big SOF race this season because all my hard work finally paid off for me and I was able to put a full race together in the A series.

Q:     What type of racing, if any, do you do outside or iRacing?

A:      I do not do any racing outside of iRacing although I do wish to someday be able to start into real life racing at some point in my life.

Q:      What is your dream race car?

A:      My dream race car I would want to drive in would honestly be any car I could get into and live my dream of being a race car driver.

Q:      How is your life outside of iRacing?

A:      Currently my life is great outside of iRacing, school has been going great, my relationship couldn’t get any better with my girlfriend of 19 months and counting, and my family has been loving and supportive just like they always have throughout my entire life.

Q:      You are currently first in the NASCAR iRacing Class A Series in your division and overall with a 195 point lead. How do you feel about your championship hopes and how differently do you race knowing that every point counts?

“I’ve had a pretty successful first year and a half of iRacing but there’s still many more things I’d like to achieve to say my career was 100 percent successful.”

A:      Honestly, I feel pretty nervous about my championship hopes right now knowing that there are still drivers out there with great chances of catching me still with four weeks left and knowing in the back of my head that I’ve never won a championship before. And knowing that every point counts in each race doesn’t really affect the way I race. I will continue to race like I have all season long by trying to get the best position I can and try and the most amount of points I can to keep my lead and try to win my first championship.

Q:      What is one goal that you still hope to accomplish in iRacing?

A:      My main goal now is to try and finish in the top 25 in the NASCAR iRacing.com Pro Series to earn a spot into the NASCAR iRacing.com World Championship Series for 2013.

Q:      What type of racing do you like to watch on TV?

A:      I enjoy watching any of NASCAR’s top 3 series every weekend and occasionally I like to watch Formula 1.

Byus celebrates at Charlotte, site of one of his NiCAS wins earlier this season.

Q:      What type of activities do you do outside of iRacing?

A:      Outside of iRacing I play a lot of golf and during my free time I like to play basketball with friends.

Q:      How do you think your fellow iRacers see you?

A:      I think fellow iRacers see me as someone who is clean and respectful on the track as well as off of it.

Q:     Overall, how do you rate your success on iRacing?

A:      I would rate my success at a 7 out of a possible 10 because I have won many races throughout my young career and I’ve locked into the 2012 NASCAR iRacing Pro Series.   But since I have yet to win a championship and make the NiDWC, I’d say I’ve had a pretty successful first year and a half of iRacing but there’s still many more things I’d like to achieve in my career to fully say my career was 100 percent successful.

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