Ashley Miller has racing in his blood.  The great nephew of legendary Modified racer Junior Miller, Ashley has been a member of iRacing simsince 2009 and would love to transfer his sim racing skills to real world racing.  Those skills are formidable.  After finishing eighth in the NASCAR Class C Series Division One standings in 2011 Season 2, Miller has amassed a dozen wins in 32 starts this season and headed into the final week of the 21011 Season 3 atop the NiCCS standings.

The Lexington, NC resident is not just about Silverados, however.  He’s started a couple of NASCAR Class B Series races this season, winning a 2432 SoF race and more than holding his own against the likes of “high-ranked guys” Josh Berry, Kevin King, Richie Davidowitz, Tyler D Hudson, Josh Connors and Thomas Hazard in another.

Q:    How long have you been sim racing?
A:    I’ve been sim racing since ’09.

Q:    What attracted you to iRacing?
A:     I’ve always been interested in racing since my Great-Uncle, The King of Modifieds Junior Miller raced at Bowman Gray.

Q:    What are favorite iRacing cars/tracks?
A:    My favorite cars to race are the trucks.  My favorite tracks would be any of the cookie cutter tracks.

Q:     What do you like most about iRacing?
A:    What I like most about iRacing would have the be the competition, love winning against those high- ranked guys.

Q:    What would you change about iRacing?
A:     If I were to change something about iRacing, it would be to change the top three NASCAR series and make it more like the real NASCAR and have owners of teams and have contracts.

Q:    How many hours a week do you spend on iRacing?
A:    I spend around 10-15 hours weekly on iRacing.

Q:    Tell us about the paint schemes on your helmet/car(s)
A:    Paint scheme for my truck is Team Realtree, it fits my personality best because I’m an avid hunter and love the outdoors.

Q:    What are your favorite video games?
A:    NASCAR ’09 was alright for PS3.

“I’ve always been interested in racing since my Great-Uncle, The King of Modifieds Junior Miller raced at Bowman Gray.”

Q:    What is your most memorable iRacing moment?
A:    Most memorable iRacing moment would have to be when I beat any other guys that think they are better than I am on the track.

Q:    What is the iRacing moment you’d love to forget?
A:    None — so far!

Q:    What car/track would you like to see iRacing add to the service?
A:    Would like to see Bowman Gray Stadium or Caraway Speedway added.

Q:    What person, living or dead, do you most admire? Why?
A:     I most admire my Dad. He passed away back in February of this year when we were building our first house. He taught me everything I needed to know in life and I miss him every day.

Q:     What’s your favourite real world racing series?

A:    My favorite real world racing series would be NASCAR Sprint Cup cars.

Q:    Name of your favorite movie/TV show?
A:    Favorite movie: Days of Thunder;  Favorite TV show: Road Trips w/ Michael Waddell.

Q:     How many of your close friends are iRacing members?
A:    My brother, Chris Miller and cousin, Shane Miller are iRacing members.

Q:    Has competing with iRacers all around the world influenced your opinions/outlook on life/world events? How?
A:    Competing with iRacers from all around the world has made me want even more the chance to race in real life. Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to do so.

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