The last week of the season sees the NASCAR Class A Series stop at The Brickyard. Heading into the final week it will become a grind for these drivers trying to get into the Elite Eleven. Five drivers have mathematically clinched a spot into consideration to the NASCAR Pro Series but a dozen drivers are still vying for remaining six spots.

The race for the final six spots in the NiPS is coming down to the wire.

This week the Magic Number to clinch is 2424. A sim-racer who achieves that point total this week will mathematically clinch. This is assuming that the highest paid point race is 360 points. With it being a week that coincides with the NASCAR Series World Championship, we could see higher point total as most of those drivers like to test their setup with the A class drivers to make sure they are set for their race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday.

All situations in the following scenarios are assuming that there will be races no more than 360 points scored in a 25 car field.


1 Simon Crochart 2650 281 2729 CLINCH CLINCH
2 Randy Hockaday 2556 275 2641 CLINCH CLINCH
3 Brandon Hauck 2550 216 2694 CLINCH CLINCH

Looking at the championship, it comes to these three racers…

Simon Crochart can clinch the championship with a point total of 2695. For him to do that he would need to have a point total of this week of 326 points. He would need to finish 3rd or better.

Randy Hockaday can bypass Simon Crochart but he would need 370 points to do so and not have Crochart gain any and not have Brandon Hauck pass him in points. It is a very outside chance Randy will be the champ but stranger situations have happened.

Brandon Hauck can bypass both Simon Crochart and Randy Hockaday with 317 points. A fourth place finish or beter would help achieve it. If Simon were to score more points than his drop (which is 281) Brandon would need to achieve three more spots than Simon. (Example: if Simon finishes fourth, Brandon would need to win).  The scenario is close and anything could happen.


4 Nicholas Morse 2449 229 2580 CLINCH CLINCH
5 Tom Moustakas 2429 270 2519 CLINCH CLINCH

Nicholas Morse and Tom Moustakas have clinched their spot for consideration into the Pro Series. Congrats to these two sim-racers.


6 Benjamin Burmeister 2402 246 2516 268 IN
7 Charlie Foster 2371 223 2508 276 IN

These two drivers are almost safe, a solid finish this week and they can both clinch a spot into the Elite Eleven

Benjamin Burmeister – Needs 268 points to clinch, a 6th place or better can achieve a spot.
Charlie Foster – Needs 276 points to clinch, a 5th place or better can achieve a spot.


8 Mitchell Hunt 2327 233 2454 330 IN
9 Kwame Adjei 2308 239 2429 355 IN
10 Steven Gilbert 2299 237 2422 362 IN
11 Sascha Wesler 2288 224 2424 360 IN

These are the spots that are up for grabs. All four of these drivers are on the bubble and you could see them lose a shot at their chance of getting into the Elite Eleven this week. Some of these guys can clinch though if they have strong weeks. Again this is based on the assumption that the maximum amount of points scored is 360.

Mitchell Hunt – Needs 330 points to clinch, a P2 or better finish to clinch.
Kwame Adjei – Needs 355 points to clinch, a win can get him a spot.
Steven Gilbert – Cannot mathematically clinch. This is because a driver outside the Elite Eleven has no drop and can leap frog their way into the Pro Series.
Sascha Wesler – Needs 360 points to clinch. A win can earn him a spot.


12 Ashley Miller 2240 184 2416 368 IN
13 Nicholas Goertzen 2221 231 2350 434 IN
14 Kory Henry 2201 230 2331 453 IN
15 Kyle Wicka 2189 224 2325 459 IN
16 Steven Eszenyi 2176 208 2328 456 IN
20 Brodie Kostecki 2076 0 2436 348 IN

It is hard to even put any of these drivers into my Living on a Prayer category because these guys can bump. Interesting to note that Brodie Kostecki made his return to the A series after missing five straight weeks. His six weeks counted gives him points to work with. Bottom line, all of these drivers with the exception of Brodie and Ashley Miller, need wins and help.

Ashley Miller – Is in a very good position to knock into the Elite Eleven. His drop is low. Assuming no one in the Elite Eleven gains points he would need 232 points to knock. If 11th in points goes above 2415 he would be eliminated

Nicholas Goertzen – Needs 299 points to get into the Elite Eleven. This is assuming no one in the Elite Eleven gain points. If 11th in points goes above 2350 points he would be eliminated.

Kory Henry – Needs 317 points to knock into the Elite Eleven, again this is assuming no one in the Elite Eleven exceed their highest drop and gain points. If 11th in points goes above 2331 he to would be eliminated

Kyle Wicka – Needs 323 points to burst the bubble of the Elite Eleven, assuming no one gains points. If 11th in points goes above 2325 in points he to would be eliminated.

Steven Eszenyi – Needs 320 points to pop the bubble of the Elite Eleven, assuming no one gains points. If 11th in points goes above 2328 he would not be able to gain enough points and would be eliminated.

Brodie Kostecki – Is the interesting scenario here. He can not only knock but he could also achieve enough points to get to the magic number of 2424. Brodie needs 212 points to knock and 348 points to clinch a spot. It will be interesting to watch this driver as he has an interesting scenario because of the lack of drop weeks.

These drivers have been eliminated mathematically do not have a chance of getting into the Elite Eleven.

17 Brandon Hauff 2163 247 2276 508 ELIM
18 Alex Scribner 2130 228 2262 522 ELIM
19 Dwayne Vincent 2125 225 2260 524 ELIM
21 Brandon Coppinger 2062 218 2204 580 ELIM
22 Armando Vargas 2025 114 2271 513 ELIM
23 Chris Overland 2013 185 2188 596 ELIM
24 Brad Patton 2009 194 2175 609 ELIM
25 Shane Dougherty 1967 218 2109 675 ELIM

And that’s it, well at least the way I see it… Good luck to the drivers this week at Indy and we will see you guys next season where it will be the last chance for drivers to get into the NASCAR Pro Series.

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