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Leagues Overview

In addition to the official racing series offered on, you can also join or start your own league. What’s a league?  Simple, it is racing or a racing series that is run by a member, not by iRacing. Here is what makes it different:

  • Race against who you want – password protected sessions allow you to control who can access your race
  • Race when you want – tracks are open 24/7 and you set the schedule
  • Race where you want – choose any car and track combination you like
  • Score your way – you create the scoring system for your league or use one of our automated scoring systems
  • Team Racing – iRacing’s Team Racing functionality works perfectly for leagues as well as official sessions. Driver Swaps, Crew Chief, Spotters and more.
  • Create your league and your custom league page, organize, set schedules, set seasons, communicate privately with league members, and create league wall & message board all on iRacing.  No need to waste time and money with outside website and databases.
  • Or simply find a league, over 1,000 leagues to choose from all listed on our league page with a powerful search tool

Interested in league racing? All you need to do is become a member.   Some leagues are open to all members and others are private.  iRacing has everything and a lot more when it comes to leagues whether you simply want to join a league or create your own!

Visit Our New Leagues Site!

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