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League racing on

Full customization control over your league’s races.

In addition to the fully sanctioned racing that is offered on, you can also join or start your own league. What’s a league? Simple, it is a series that is run by a member, not by iRacing. Here is what makes it different:

  • Race against who you want – password protected sessions allow you to control who can access your race
  • Race when you want – tracks are open 24/7 and you set the schedule
  • Race where you want – choose any car and track combination you like
  • Team Racing with driver swaps plus crew chief and spotter roles
  • Score your way – you create the scoring system for your league

Interested in league racing? All you need to do is become a member. Many leagues are open to all members and others are private. We even have a dedicated forum for league racing where you can find a league to join. Don’t see one that suits your interests, start your own!

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