Larson HeadshotThe coolest part about it is how real the (dirt) track surface changing is. Absolutely blown away! iRacing did a great job.

Kahne Headshot 3Nothing even comes close to iRacing’s Dirt racing. From the track surfaces to the cars. It’s the next best thing when I can’t hop into my real Sprint Car.

Dale JriRacing is the most modern racing simulation ever created. Every inch of every track is modeled perfectly. I’ve used iRacing to learn new courses such as Virginia International Raceway, or to keep the rust off at tracks such as Infineon Raceway. For the hardcore sim racer, this is your dream simulation. For the real-world racer, this is your ‘at-home’ test vehicle.

simoniRacing is good training. It’s good to be able to race against other good drivers online. It brings you the kind of pressure you can have on a race weekend when you race against real people. It’s the same as the real world where you only get one chance: if you crash, you’re done! Just like real.


RonCapps 2Any time you log onto, there is a good chance you will be racing against some of the best professional race car drivers in the real world. Trust me, there is no sim site more realistic, with the quality of online racing and, more importantly, the ease of use than iRacing.

Clint BowyerThe way those guys took our information and transferred it into the sim is remarkable! The dirt Late Models are amazing to drive and the sim gives you a rush of adrenaline that no other game can come close to.  Truly a blast!

BarrichelloI have learned some of the Indy tracks through iRacing and it is great to see that the game just keeps improving.   The physics are great!

Me and my son Eduardo are having so much fun going through the license phases together.

jordan is the number one racing simulation out there. Every track has been perfectly modeled, from every bump to every surface change; it challenges the driver to adjust their driving style to suit each individual situation, as you would have to in real world racing. It is also great for learning new tracks or to serve as a refresher.

tandyWhether racing just for fun or doing serious preparation, iRacing is always in my favorites folder. The detail in the cars and tracks is very impressive. When I’m missing my mile and a half oval stock car fix back here in Europe, I can get straight online and get it right here.

joey 2It’s really cool! I use iRacing a lot before I go to every race to try and get a feel for the racetrack. It’s so realistic. It’s cool how the changes can really relate to real racecars . . . and it’s fun.

Brad KToday, more than ever, it’s important to be competitive right out of the box. gives me that edge by being able to prepare before I arrive at the track. The cars and tracks are amazingly accurate! On the flip side, it’s simply a blast to race online against friends, fans and drivers from all over the world.


chase 2iRacing is such a great tool whether you are trying to get used to a new track or if you are just wanting to race. I use it often and find it to be a huge advantage on race weekends.

rhr 2iRacing is by far the best racing simulation out there. It’s shocking how finely detailed the tracks are; the visual cues and references points are right on the money. And anything you can adjust on a real car you can adjust on the iRacing version and the effects are the same.

CARL 2I spent time on Road America where they had an open practice. It was really cool. There were about 60 guys and it was just like a real practice session. One of the guys sent a set-up over digitally and it really helped.  I rely on iRacing to get me up to speed in a situation like that.

wp 2The iRacing tracks are spot on, plus you’re racing against real people. The other day I passed a guy at Lanier Speedway and he came on the voice chat and said, ‘Is that you Will? It’s me, Oriol [Servia].’ When I told him it was me, Oriol said, ‘If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have let you past so easily!’

tony 2It’s pretty realistic, right up to the part of me wiping out! It doesn’t hurt near as bad. It’s pretty amazing!

jpm 2iRacing is as real world as you can get. The graphics and the handling are by far the best I have seen out of any simulation program. And when I’m not home, I can bet my son, Sebastian, is on it racing someone from somewhere around the world.

tp 2I am on iRacing as much as I can. It’s amazing how real the tracks and the racing are. The iRacing simulation is a tremendous amount of help. It lets me take some laps on a track I have never seen before.

ricky 2iRacing has been a great tool for me to learn the race tracks we go to, especially the road courses where I don’t have the experience. On the ovals, it really helps me to get re-familiar with the track, coming to pit road, and where the bumps are! The most realistic program to get the job done

oswOur race engineers provide me with the set-ups they are planning to use at a track and I test them on iRacing – 99% of the time, the results we get on iRacing translate to the real track accurately.

scottI really enjoy driving on, it is great fun and a great product. I am getting my friends going on it because I know they will love it as well. The selection of cars and tracks is great and incredibly realistic. is the best racing simulator hands down. Not only for the accuracy of the laser scanned tracks and cars, but also anyone can sign up and be racing against professional drivers from across the world who like me, use iRacing as a tool to improve driving skills. Not only does it have a lot of use for race preparation and practice, it’s a lot of fun!  Come take us on!


JosefNewgardenI use iRacing all the time. We have a sim racing chassis set up in the race shop. It’s a big help when there’s long breaks in the schedule between oval or road races. It really helps you get back in the swing of things when you haven’t raced one discipline or the other for awhile . . . plus it’s quite a lot of fun!

stefan wilsoniRacing has no competition, it’s the closest you can get to the real thing! I wouldn’t waste my time on anything else out there.  The tracks are inch perfect, the cars behave so realistically, and you race against real people which is so much fun!

OriolServiaMost professional athletes can practice seven or eight hours a day, but with restrictions on testing, racing drivers do not have that opportunity. The racing video games that have become available in the last few years have helped, but iRacing is a BIG step forward. The cars and tracks are so realistic.

aj 2Regardless of what you drive, for real-world racers iRacing is a tool.  The bumps, the elevation changes, how you drive the track – it’s dead on.

At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Turn 6 is for me the toughest corner because it is so fast and so edgy. And in the sim it feels exactly the same as in real life; you kind of hold your breath and hope you come out the other end.

jrI’d never driven any kind of car on the Phoenix oval. But running PIR on iRacing really helped me get up to speed quickly.

What really impressed me was just how straightforward it is to get the system up and running on your computer. I just downloaded the iRacing software, followed the Quick Setup guide and in no more than an hour I was on track. The whole process was seamless.

cdThere is a sense of realism while driving any car on iRacing that is really enjoyable. The accuracy of the tracks is also really helpful when getting ready for a race. Racing online with a bunch of people is always fun and exciting, and it never gets old!

Alex_Gurney_2010_Rolex_24_at_DaytonabiRacing is far and away the most realistic driving simulation I’ve ever seen. The graphics are stunning, the tracks look virtually identical to the real thing, and the cars move and react in a way that will train you to be a better, smoother driver. I am addicted!

scott sharpiRacing is great.   We use it as part of our preparations for tests and races to re-familiarize ourselves with tracks we haven’t seen in a year’s time.   Plus it’s a lot of fun!

james davisonNo question iRacing is a revolution for young drivers, something I didn’t have 18 years ago when I started.

preeceiRacing is a great tool at the disposal of every race car driver. Whether it’s a road course, short track, or a superspeedway, nothing beats the iRacing’s accuracy. If you want to have fun and be ready for your next race, is where it’s at!

Matt DiBennadetto 2I’m on iRacing on a near daily basis. It helps to keep the rust off by simulating real life situations by racing with such a wide variety of great drivers. I make multiple laps on the tracks I have never been to before and when I race them in real life, it feels like I have been there a hundred times. And on top of all that…it’s plain out fun!

ericAs a driver I get lots of opportunities to drive on different sims and racing software. There is no question iRacing has by far the most realistic cars, tracks and head-to-head racing. The others don’t even compare.  Once you try iRacing you’ll be hooked for life.

I’m on iRacing daily and think it’s a huge help and very fun!

will-davisoniRacing is so accurate with cars, circuits and setups, and together with my Hyper Stimulator simulator, it can’t be anything but a great help. Whilst being a lot of fun, it gets me in the same competitive mental zone as the real thing and helps me work on being at my best under pressure.

alexBefore iRacing I never been a simulator fan,  actually never even played racing games.  I came here hoping to find a good software to practice and be ready for the switch from single seater to GT cars.. Found that,  but also stayed for the incredible fun having racing online!

richie-stanawayiRacing has been a huge part of my preparation as a racing driver. The car and track model accuracy is unprecedented, and the intensity of the online racing is great training.  Plus it’s great fun. I’ve driven various race car simulators but, for me, iRacing is still the best I’ve come across. iRacing has for sure made me a better race driver.

kevin_swindell.png.main_After competing on dirt tracks, I now am seeing big pavement tracks for the first time, but because of iRacing, I’m familiar with my surroundings before I ever turn a real-life lap. When I’m not at the track or in the shop, this is one of the best ways to bring a little fun into my day.

cbAs a rookie in the NASCAR Camping World Truck series, I used iRacing to learn the new race tracks. It’s amazing how accurate iRacing is – not only the layout of the track but the track surface and the signage, which is critical for landmarks. Even the feel and handling of the truck was right . . . not to mention racing on the sim is just plain fun!

scottThe iRacing V8 Supercar is exactly how it handles in real life … the longer we worked on it the better it got … I think this will change the game in the case of the V8 Supercar Online Series.

satoI am very impressed with the realism of the iRacing simulation. Like many of the other IndyCar drivers, I use iRacing to get to know tracks before I even get out on the actual track. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

brunoWhen I started to race IMSA, I didn’t know four or five tracks so I bought a seat, a steering wheel and a subscription to iRacing. I bought the Corvette C6.R because it was good to learn the tracks with a powerful, front-engine, rear wheel drive, sports car.

Laurents-HörriRacing gives race drivers the opportunity to train and to simulate test days more realistic than any other simulation.
I used iRacing to train for my races in Formula Renault 1.6 and I finished fifth at Zandvoort at the first race, without even one test day, which shows how accurate the iRacing tracks are.

maxI use iRacing as a wake-up call for my brain. It’s been part of my race preparations for a long time.  The Wednesday before a race, I spend one or two hours driving the track, visualizing where I’ll be racing.

Da_Matta_CristianoYou develop reference points around the track on iRacing and when you get to the real track they are the same.

Plus I’ve always enjoyed gaming, so with Bruno Junqueira and Oriol Servia, we are enjoying some iRacing competition between us.

No other training tool has helped me as much as iRacing. My training regime with iRacing began two years ago and I continue to spend hours on my personal simulator prior to events or test days.

justiniRacing gives me the edge I need to stay ahead of the competition. There is no better simulation that replicates the cars and tracks and it’s a vital tool for getting me up to speed each and every week.

Formula One teams have made increasing use of simulation technology over the past several years. Now, has brought the same benefits to everyone else in motorsport. It’s real seat time without the cost of taking the race car to the track.

 iRacing is a tremendous amount of fun and can also be very educational. Though I am definitely an oval racer the road courses provide me the chance to learn how to maneuver different turns and still have fun . . . even when I’m off in the grass.

iRacing has become a very important tool to me as a race engineer when it comes to understanding what my driver is experiencing. Unless you’ve felt the car step-out over the crest of the hill in Turn 5 at Mid-Ohio, you really don’t understand what the driver is experiencing. Any engineer looking to improve communication with their driver should be using iRacing.

iRacing is unmatched as a sim. It has literally become my home test track! For people looking to experience the thrill of auto racing without the expense of the real thing, iRacing is the place to be.

For real drivers, is a tool, not a toy. They’ve done such an amazing job of digitally re-creating the cars and the tracks that you can save several laps of expensive track time by re-familiarizing yourself through the iRacing service; you can pick up right where you left off last time you actually raced on that track.

iRacing is not only a fun hobby but an invaluable tool for practicing.  As a clubman racer in the UK, finite budgets mean testing is a limited commodity. Being able to jump into a Radical to test your line through Paddock Hill bend, without leaving the comfort of your home is just awesome. I would recommend that race fans and competitors alike look to iRacing to bring the experience of real world racing into the home.

There are so many incredible opportunities for Dallara, being a world wide racing car and high performance road car manufacturer, to improve its own products, designs and engineering activities through a strong cooperation with iRacing. I am very excited about that.

But this is not enough to describe it: I am very excited about the partnership with iRacing people who I personally know and trust as I am convinced that people are the ultimate competitive advantage for every company.

I actually met David Kaemmer several years ago when he was with Papyrus. I truly believe he is the best in the business when it comes to racing simulations. I’m really impressed with the iRacing format. It helps develop self-discipline in your racing.

iRacing is equally beneficial to a driver who’s brand new to the sport or someone with 20 years experience. A new driver can learn all the right skills and avoid picking up bad habits. Somebody with experience can reconfirm their feel for a particular track and hone their skills. Either way, you can get prepared without all the cost of going to the track and running the real cars.

Michai Stephens mug shotSeat time; where to get it and how to make the most of it, a constant struggle for any up and coming racer. In pursuit of my racing dream I referenced iRacing more times then I could count.  I encourage those who have not yet experienced it to give it a shot; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how soon you’ll be relating simulation to the real world!



Gabby Chaves

Just yesterday I was on iRacing for awhile around Indianapolis (Motor Speedway).  This morning I got in the car and the first lap was full throttle, just like I’d been in the car all night.  Your mind is already warmed-up and ready to go, then it’s just a matter of getting your body senses up to speed. —  on the eve of his 2014 Freedom 100 Indy Lights victory

NickiIt’s no secret that it’s the best sim on the market.

I’ve been fortunate to drive on a lot of great tracks, but iRacing is perfect at filling in the gaps on places I’ve never been and helping me understand the nuances of the tracks in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Having this in your house can turn any day into a test day, plus it’s always fun to compete against other sim racers from around the world.

Brandon-DavisiRacing is a very valuable tool for learning new tracks.  It also helps sharpen your racecraft.  There are some seriously quick sim-racers out there, and the concentration you need to run consistent laps with someone in your mirrors is the same whether it’s online or on the real track.

benjamin bailey copyiRacing is definitely the peak of sim racing, especially the tracks as they are just spot on, which makes it absolutely perfect for testing before going on the real track!

Having been involved in the development of the Williams F1 simulator from its early days I know how important it is in a simulator to drive around accurately recreated laser scanned tracks, not only from a driver learning and familiarization perspective, but also as an engineering tool.

iRacing helped me learn tracks I didn’t know before and then go to them and win podiums in the Firestone Indy Lights series. Now I can spend hours playing iRacing on my computer and call it work! allows people of all ages and experiences to race on an even playing field while learning about driving techniques and car control. There is no doubt helped improve my driving skills and race preparation.

Think of the benefits that can arise from a driver and an engineer working together on iRacing. The engineer now has exclusive access to the driver, listening to his real time feedback, asking questions without fear of causing an accident by interrupting the driver’s concentration.

With iRacing you can make set-up changes almost instantaneously, changes that are not possible to make at the track during a race weekend owing to time constraints, How can you not have iRacing as a weapon in your arsenal?

Sage-KaremiRacing’s tracks are spot on.  I used it a lot in preparing for my first test in a Daytona Prototype at Daytona Speedway.  When I got to the track for the first time, I felt like I knew it already and was able to get up to speed quickly.

marcoiRacing provides the best option within sims that anyone would need, being a sim racer or a professional driver.

With the championship on the line, I used the simulation to prepare for the KONI Challenge finale at VIR. The vehicle dynamics are spot on. I could actually sense the rotation and load transfer as if I were in the real car.

iRacing helps with mental concentration and race craft. The cars and tracks are extremely accurate, and that in itself makes iRacing the best simulation I’ve driven. Whether it’s used as a serious training tool, or for some fun with other online racers, iRacing ticks all the boxes.

TanderWith on track testing in the V8 Supercar Championship Series limited to only four days per season, any chance to keep up critical hand-eye co-ordination driving my Hyper Stimulator using iRacing is a great advantage for me.

m eppsiRacing is fantastic for everything from learning a track and its lines to practicing advanced race craft and tactics. The laser-scanned tracks are perfect; every lap is relevant to real life and it means I can start a race weekend ahead of my opposition, even at a track I haven’t driven before.  It’s also a great community to be part of; a great way to mix competition with making new friends.

Driving the perfect lap is all about executing a plan for that lap. The iRacing simulation is so accurate, you can develop and master that plan at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it in a real car.

ben waddellAfter six years of iRacing I sat in a real race car at Sebring for the first time during my Skip Barber school. Nothing was a surprise because my brain had already experienced dozens of laps in the same car on the same track in iRacing. This happened again at my next event at Road Atlanta. It shows the detail that iRacing provides and why iRacing is the best motor sports simulation.

iRacing is the best motorsports simulation out there. The tracks are spot on, right down to the bumps, and the cars react just like the real thing. I used it during the Grand-Am weekend at Daytona after one of the Koni Challenge practices, and I learned some things I missed in the session. The price of iRacing is cheap for the amount of seat time you get — and the amount of fun you have.

iRacing has definitely helped keep my skills sharp and ready for upcoming races. I have found iRacing to be so effective that I decided to have my two boys use iRacing instead of go-karts, especially during the hot Arizona summer months. Me and my boys really enjoy spending time racing on iRacing every chance we get.

… online track time is very valuable, and I’m saving a ton on tires

Billy JohnsoniRacing was a key factor in the success of my first oval race in a NASCAR Nationwide car at Loudon. Gaining seat time and learning the nuances of the car, the track, and working on various lines was crucial in getting me up to speed.  iRacing will become an even more important tool for future drivers because if you aren’t getting the edge from the additional seat time, your competitor will be.


iRacing is the closest that many of us will ever get to driving a real race car.  The realism is unmatched, and the constant physics improvements really separate the sim from the rest.  Overall iRacing is a ton of fun, and that’s the most important part.

iRacing is the most enjoyable and realistic simulation available and it keeps getting better. The tracks are fantastic and identical to the real ones, like I found out at Road Atlanta. You can race just for fun but I also really like the competition in the higher series. Winning the World Championship Grand Prix Series is my best achievement in sim racing and the competition keeps me coming back for more. is the most professional racing simulator out there, especially because of its service.  I believe it’s the best replication of online racing compared with real motorsports.

There were so many things I’ve learned from competitive sim racing that put me ahead of a lot of other drivers. iRacing isn’t only useful for learning tracks, but for knowing how to race smart, thinking ahead, blocking everything out of your mind and doing what needs to be done to win the race.

iRacing sets the bar when it comes to simulated racing.  If you want the most authentic racing experience on the net 24/7, against the best sim racing talent in the world, iRacing is the place to be.

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