One of iRacing’s biggest builds yet, the 2021 Season 1 build features a massive slate of content and feature updates that should provide something for everyone. Whether you’re a casual racer or World Championship-caliber, someone who prefers turning left or a road course ringer, here’s a look at everything that’s in store this build:

Dallara iR-01: Designed and built hand-in-hand with Dallara, the iR-01 blends open-wheel racing’s past, present, and future to create an exciting car that is easy and fun to drive, but difficult to master.

Long Beach: America’s most iconic street circuit finally makes its long-anticipated debut as a fully built track.

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO: iRacing’s first move towards an all-new GT3 lineup features the car that dominated IMSA in 2020.

Big Block Modified: Get two cars in one with the 467 Big Block and 358 Small Block versions and hit the dirt tracks of America!

Cedar Lake Speedway: Wisconsin’s premier clay oval joins iRacing. Can you conquer the 3/8 mile bullring?

New rallycross tracks: Brands Hatch gets a course inspired by the real-world layout, while Charlotte features an all-new course that utilizes the Roval.

Updated cars and tracks: Our GT3s get an aerodynamic update across the board, while the IndyCar Dallara IR-18 receives the new damage model and multiple tire compounds! The NDM also hits the 1987 NASCAR Cup cars, while a number of others receive tire updates. On the track side, Homestead and Lanier receive texture updates, while the Irwindale Figure 8 receives a jump!

Updated physics: Ride up close to the wall and feel the aero cushion keeping you off of it!

Updated AI: Interlagos, Imola, the Dallara P217, and NASCAR Trucks have been added to AI, while the AI has received performance improvements across the board.

Cross-licensing: In series with multiple track types, iRating and Safety Rating changes now apply to your license at the given style of track.

Showroom: Check out a brand new 3D model of your car with live lighting and high quality shaders!

You can find the full release notes here!

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