The series runner-up in 2011 Season Four in the NASCAR Class C Series (NiCCS) was top of the board when it came to the standings for Week Four in the 2012 Season One at the Daytona International Speedway. Brandon Buchberger took the top point total out of Daytona as 2,400 sim  racers took to the repaved, virtual high banks to look for super speedway glory in Round Four of the online racing series.

Buchberger’s win came during a 4012 Strength of Field (SoF) of race on Tuesday in which he led just nine of the 50 laps en route to the victory. Second place belonged to Frank Kimmel II while Jeremy Harrington, Wes Weidman and pole-sitter Stephen Moore completed the top five. Moore led the most laps in the race (10) while 20 lead changes and one caution set the pace for the race. The win was worth 253 points for Buchberger.

More than 2,400 iRacers took to Daytona in 2012 Week 4 of the NiCCS.

That race wasn’t the highest strength of field race of the week though. The nod for that honour went to NASCAR Series World Championship (NiSWC) driver Chad Coleman. The Jackson County, Georgia native led the most laps (16) in the caution-free race, which took place on Sunday and tipped the scales at 4242 sof. Fellow NiSWC driver Byron Daley was second with Timothy Hammer, Brandon Williamson and Tanner Stoops rounding out the top five. DJ Lyon started from the pole and finished in 11th place. For the win, Coleman picked up 267 points, but would go on to make two additional starts at Daytona, winning in one of those and finishing the week in third overall with 243 points. Hammer also went on to make two additional starts, winning in one and coming home with 242 points on the week and the fourth overall spot. Daley made his only start of the week in this race and finished with 252 points, runner-up to Buchberger at Daytona.

Brad Ferrell was fifth overall for the week after a win in a 3733 sof race on Tuesday. Ferrell led a race high 13 laps and crossed the line just 0.007 seconds ahead of Heath Hindman. Kevin Jones finished the race in third, followed by William Dick and John R Wilkins. The event featured two caution flags and saw 20 lead changes. Ferrell pocketed 234 points for the win.

Mike Connelly made 39 starts during the week at Daytona and brought home the checkered flag eight times, the most of any other driver in those statistical categories during Week Four. Shayne Sheppard and Averrie Wilson each put up a 47.501 second lap in Qualifying, which was good enough for the pole among 892 qualifiers at Daytona. Alan Tardiff, Brandon Hauck and Brian Viola completed the top five in Qualifying.  The top honor in Time Trials went to Helge Gravemeyer over Arthur Lucas, David Krikorian, Tom Moustakas and Derrick Stone.

With all the two truck tango madness in the rear view, it is now Justin Brooks who sits atop the standings with 844 points, just 39 more than Trey Jarrell with 805. Division Two point leader Craig Jernigan is third overall with 719 points, followed by Kevin Jones (Division Two) with 692 and Phil Brown at 682. Divisional leaders from Divisions Three to Ten include Moustakas, Michael Atkins Jr, Rock Harris, Michael Valentin, Fausto Bessa Gomes, John Cordon, Kevin Smith5 and Dustin Bryson.

Next up the stars of the NASCAR iRacing Class C Series head to the one mile Phoenix International Raceway. Who will be able to conquer the flat track the best? Find out here at inRacingNews!

Until then, keep the hammer down and we’ll see you at the track!

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