Darrell Wallace Jr, NASCAR Nationwide Series and K&N Pro Series East driver, and iRacer Brian Tedeschi have one thing in common: they both started racing in Legend cars. They have also raced in a variety of cars in their very young careers: champ karts to super cups, you name it, and Brian has probably raced it. The 16 year old from Custer Par, Illinois currently pilots the number 29 Legends car at tracks all over the U.S. In his eleven year racing career, he has three championships to his credit in a variety of cars and a 2010 Young Lion Legend Car Illinois State Dirt Title. His stats in sim racing are not bad either…

Comparing notes with fellow iRacer Joey Logano.

Tedeschi has a Class A license on the road and oval side of iRacing. In less than two years, he has boosted his oval iRating to 3929, and has racked-up 42 wins and 298 top five finishes in 646 starts. On the road side of iRacing, he has started 172 races. Out of those starts, he has scored 12 wins, 58 top fives and one pole starting position. He is an experienced racer on and off the computer, and I got the chance to talk to this champion about his racing experience on the real track, his experience on iRacing, and his life outside of racing. Do you know where he got his first Legends car win? Or where he won his first league race at? Read on to find out…

Q:    How long have you been sim racing?
A:    I’ve been sim-racing for 2.5 years now on iRacing. I did a little bit of NASCAR 09 and rFactor before I joined on here.

Q:    What attracted you to iRacing, where did you hear about it?
A:    I heard about it from some of my friends who I race with and they told me about the realism of the tracks and cars, and that’s what attracted me to iRacing.

Q:    What has been your most memorable accomplishment in iRacing?
A:    My most memorable accomplishment on here was when I won my first league race with ISRL (now known as Paint the Yellow). It was Late Models at Irwindale.

Q:    What type of hobbies do you do outside of iRacing?
A:    Outside of iRacing I like to race my legend car and relax with friends. Often I go to other race tracks with friends to work on race cars as a hobby.

Tedeschi (83) is the meat between Jason Karlavige (06) and Guy Driggers (9) in a Class C sandwich.

Q:    Who is one real life driver that has inspired you the most?
A:    One real life driver that inspired me the most was Shane Hmiel. After his accident with a USAC Sprint at Terre Haute, he hasn’t given up efforts recovering and I like that.

Q:    Do you do any racing outside of iRacing, if you do, what do you race?
A:    Yes, I do race outside of iRacing. I race a Legend Car all around the Midwest and sometimes in the Southeast.

“iRacing helps me in real life by letting me see a race track before I actually get there. And vice versa . . .”

Q:     How does iRacing help you with racing in real life and vice versa?
A:    iRacing helps me in real life by letting me see a race track before I actually get there. And vice versa, I get to take things I learn on the track and use them in competition on iRacing.

Q:     What is your overall goal in your racing career?
A:    My goal is to get to drive in the K&N Pro Series or the ARCA Racing Series. Ultimately I know driving a race car won’t be my job and I really want to work on a race team in NASCAR.

Q:    What is the most memorable moment you’ve had in your professionalracing career?
A:    My biggest real life racing moment was when I won my first Legend Car race at Grundy County Speedway. I held-off everyone for the 25 lap feature and beat a field of 25 cars. It was special because this was my first win in the car and my first in three years.

Tedeschi finds iRacing helps his real world racing . . . and vice versa.

Q:    What type of racing do you like to watch on TV?
A:    I like to watch the NASCAR Camping World Trucks, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup guys run. Also, lately I’ve liked to catch some F1 and V8 Supercars.

Q:    Who is Brian Tedeschi outside of iRacing?
A:    Outside of iRacing, I’m a guy who is a fierce competitor and a good person to hang out with. I always volunteer with JDRF and try to give back to the community.

Q:     What is your overall goal for your iRacing career?
A:    My overall goal is to make Pro one season and try to compete in DWC. Both of those series are majorly competitive and I feel it would be great to make it to that level with some of those great caliber drivers.

Q:    What is one thing that you love the most about iRacing?
A:    The thing I love the most about iRacing is that I can go as hard as possible and drive flat out and if I wreck, I don’t have to pay for the car :).

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