As always it is great fun to introduce new faces to the community, some of whom you probably know better than you think. One such person is Englishman Jake Cameron who commentates on the World Championship Grand Prix Series broadcasts alongside Wil Vincent. I personally have known Jake for quite some time now as a teammate and can tell you he is great fun. Jake is a 17 year old avid UK Stockcar racing fan from Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Now some questions to get to know one of’s newest commentary voices a bit better.

Matt: How did you first get into sim racing?
Jake: I started both the rFactor and Live For Speed simulators at exactly the same time, rFactor gave me the ability to drive a UK Stockcar while Live For Speed allowed me to do circuit racing.

Matt: What is your favorite racing series?
Jake: This is a really close one, I am a short oval fan at heart and therefore I love the National Saloon Stockcars, but the Verizon IndyCar Series is my favorite world-wide recognized racing series.

Matt: How exciting is it to be able to do what you love at such a high level by commentating the World Championship Grand Prix Series?
Jake: It is great!! Some people on a Saturday would be going to football or shopping, but I look forward to commenting the DWC. I just get enjoyment out of watching such close and great racing, but also I have a great laugh with Wil and the crew.

“Some people on a Saturday would be going to football or shopping, but I look forward to commenting the DWC.”

Matt: Who is your racing hero?
Jake: It has to be Ayrton Senna.

Matt: If you had to choose to visit a single race in a year to attend which event would it be?
Jake: The Saloon Stockcar World Final.

The UK Saloon Stockcars hold a special place in Cameron’s heart.

Matt: When you are not commentating and are hitting the track in your car here on what wheel do you use?
Jake: I use a (Logitech) DFGT, it is the perfect wheel for a budget and provides a huge value per pound spent.

Matt: What is your long term goal in life?
Jake:  Ideally I would love to progress into commentating further and be the voice of a real life racing series on TV, hopefully this is a goal I can accomplish with my friend Wil.

Matt: What is the biggest influence in your life?
Jake: My Granddad who sadly passed away last month. He was always positive and believed everything was possible as long as you wanted it to be.

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