Hullum gets the drop on Minotto (2) and M Kingsbury (4) at the start.

The oh, so dreaded Oxford Plains Speedway hosted the SK Modified Series drivers for Week Five of 2013 S4. With the mid-way point of the season approaching now was the time for the sim-racers to get their fingers out and try to grab some extra points.

In the 2121 Strength of Field event, Trent Hullum started on pole with none other than John Minotto on the outside pole.  Matt A Kingsbury started third with Eric Hamilton to his outside while Brandon Tiezzi rounded out our top five starters.

Hullum got away to a predictable jump while M.Kingsbury gained the advantage on Minotto to take away the second position. For a couple of laps
drivers got single file but carnage soon struck as Hamilton got into the back of M.Kingsbury, spun him around, and ran over his hood.  Minotto was held-up in the wreck as well. Into Turn Three, Hamilton then moved down into Minotto and spun the duo out, with the latter ending up on his roof.

Tiezzi (5) steers clear of the carnage involving M Kingsbury (4), Hamilton (3) and Minotto (2).

Meanwhile, deeper in the field, Ray Kingsbury who started in the 12th position after not qualifying found himself up five positions in the matter of a few laps.

Soon thereafter a three way battle ensued between Shawn Bagby, Scott Blaney, and R. Kingsbury. This battle lasted most of the race and was certainly an action- packed display as the three-some consistently ran the same lap times. R. Kingsbury and Blaney would eventually pass Bagby and continue running nose-to-tail as the closing portions of the race drew near.

By Lap 23 things looked as if they had settled down . . . except for the battle for positions two through four!  Tiezzi continued to hold onto second but Chmura was not going to make it easy on him, especially as Scott Matlock was hounding him to break inside the podium.

(L to R) Matlock, Chmura and Tiezzi give chase to Hullum.

The three-man train managed to escape some mega-carnage, avoiding the spinning Justin Courtney and Eric Holmes who each went a different way on the track.  Splitting the middle, the race leaders made it through unscathed by the skin of their teeth. In particular, Hullman narrowly avoided the wreck with a well-executed drift onto the apron and continued in P1.  He lost some valuable time in the process, however and the three pursuing drivers were now within reach.

By Lap 32 fortunes had turned and Matlock was able to get through on Chmura. Nor was that the worst of it for Chmura, who spun himself later in the race to give up even more positions.

Courtney (12) looks-on as Blaney (9), Bagby (7) and R Kingsbury (8) battle.

With ten laps to go Hullman had consolidated his lead from Matlock who was similarly clear of  Tiezzi, and the only battle left on track was between R.Kingsbury and Blaney.  Blaney had the advantage of position but as the two caught some lapped cars, he was sent spinning to the left and R.Kingsbury was only too happy to move through into the fourth position. An unfortunate turn of events, but Blaney still finished on the lead lap.

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