SpeedFactor Brasil debuted its sensational new website this week, one that does justice to this ambitious and well-organized league.  Although events are only open to Brazilian-based sim racers at the moment, SpeedFactor Brasil plans to open its virtual doors to all iRacers with the release of iRacing 2.0 in August . . . yet another reason to eagerly anticipate the coming of iRacing 2.0!

Established in September of 2007, SpeedFactor Brasil was initially based on Forza Motorsport and  Xbox 360.  By 2009 the league had begun incorporating PC-based sim racing, including sporadic iRacing events.

That all changed about a year ago, according the SFB’s Rafael Sanque.

“Last May, we decided it was time to change our entire structure in order to create a new website with a completely new URL 100% dedicated to the iRacing.com simulation,” he says. “Today, we have the immense pleasure to introduce you to our new website with a new structure and layout completely turned to the pilots of this wonderful simulator.

“At first, the iRacing championships created by the SFB will be only for users in Brazil. From August on, along with the iRacing 2.0 launch, SpeedFactor Brasil will once again innovate in the creation of world championships between drivers of all clubs that currently exist in iRacing.”

Visit SpeedFactor’s website: www.speedfactor.com.br and check out all the news.  You can also follow SpeedFactor Brasil on Twitter and on Facebook, where you’ll also find all the latest news from iRacing.com as well.

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