is changing the racing game industry.  Again.   Starting September 8, all of the more than 70 digital race circuits on the popular online motorsports simulation service will incorporate iRacing’s new dynamic race track feature.  The surfaces of iRacing’s tracks will constantly evolve during the course of sim races based on factors like changing weather conditions and the amount of virtual rubber laid down by the competitors.

“Although iRacing has always had groundbreaking, accurate laser scanned tracks, they have not been living, breathing objects like ‘real world’ tracks.  Those days are now gone,” says Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer at  “Now the racing groove you see on the track will be the actual virtual rubber that is on the racing surface.   And as a race progresses, the grip level of every inch of the track will evolve dynamically based on the weather and the actions of the drivers, cars and tires – exactly like tracks in real world racing.”


Go to for a detailed explanation of iRacing’s latest game changer — and to learn about our special summer discount on memberships.

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