As always, The Corkscrew proved to be a challenge in Week 12.’s 2013 Season 3 iRacingNews Challenge mixed-class series is in the books and participation increased by double digits once again.  The route to a Solstice championship literally took a twisty road as several drivers swapped the top spot a few times while the Mazda champion maintained the lead most of the season.

The last online races of the season took place at the very popular Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca located in California, United States.  The very tricky 2.3 mile eleven turn circuit is a challenge due to severe elevation changes and the always dangerous Corkscrew.

Inside the numbers – Laguna Seca – Week 12:
288:  The number of drivers who started a race in the Mazda.
117:  The number of drivers who started a race in the Solstice.
90:    The number of Rookies who started a race in the Mazda.
47:    The number of Rookies who started a race in the Solstice.
10:    The number of Rookie drivers who won a race in the Mazda.
9:      The number of Rookie drivers who won a race in the Solstice.
1:      The only driver to win the overall championship and Time Trial Title (see Mazda)

Pontiac Solstice
First Place Overall- Lewis King (Mid-South) finished the season strong by winning three of three starts from the pole and his 166 points was also tops at Laguna Seca.  King’s season stats are even more impressive- 67 Starts, 60 Poles, 67 top-fives, 58 wins, average start P1, average finish P1 and led 602 of 1132 laps.  Congratulations to Lewis King on winning the iRacing News Challenge Pontiac Solstice 2013 Season 3 championship!

King came on strong at the finish to take the Solstice title.

Second Place Overall- Jared Jewell (Michigan) did not race in Week Twelve at Laguna Seca as he was busy winning the overall Grand Touring Challenge series – in the Solstice of course.  Statistically Jewell posted the best numbers in Solstice- 22 starts, 21 poles, 21 top fives, 19 wins, average start P1, average finish P1 and led 212 of 346 laps.  Jewell told the iRacing News, “I will be helping iRacing News Challenge Pontiac Solstice drivers with private practice lessons and set ups next season.”

Jewell (left) won at Charlotte Road en route to P2 in Solstice overall.

Third Place Overall- Kevin Binkley (Georgia) who won a Rookie championship in the Solstice last season is the Division 2 champion this season and wasn’t too far from winning it all.  Binkley also posted serious stats: 22 starts, 15 poles, 22 top fives, 14 wins, average start P1, average finish P2 and led 159 of 392 laps.

Time Trial Champion (Pontiac)

David Benedict (Ohio) claimed the title by 35 points over defending champion Lewis King while Siarhei Marshyn (Central-Eastern Europe) rounds out the top three respectively.

Mazda Roadster
First Place Overall- Kester Baird (UK&I) finished his season by winning two of two races, leading all the laps and his 104 points was good for seventh best at Laguna Seca.  Baird’s name stood atop of the standings for nine consecutive weeks and his stats clearly show why: 37 starts, 34 poles, 35 top fives, 27 wins, average start P1, average finish P2 and 407 of 633 laps led.  Congratulations to Kester Baird on winning the 2013 Season 3 iRacingNewsChallenge Series championship!

In the points as on the track, Baird bested Pisciotta for Mazda Roadster honors.

Second Place- Joe Pisciotta Jr. (Florida) did not post a lap at Laguna Seca but here are his stats for the other 11 weeks: 48 starts, 43 poles, 48 top fives, 40 wins, average P1, average finish P1 and led 536 of 846.

Third Place- Jonathan Keer (UK&I) also did not post a lap at Laguna this week.  However Keer 11 week stats are plenty stout- 20 starts, 15 poles, 20 top fives, 13 wins, average start P1, average finish P1 and 154 of 377 laps led.

John Unsbee (left) battles Robert Young in the final race of the season.

Time Trial Champion (Mazda)

None other than the overall Mazda champion Kester Baird. Second place is David Benedict who was only 14 points away from winning the championship in both classes while Juan Rodriguez finished third.

Next season the series will see a name change to the “iRacing Production Car Challenge.”  Special thanks to those who made 2013 Season 3 a success and we look forward to Season 4.

Congratulations to all the iRNC division champions!

Pontiac Solstice

Division 1:     Lewis King (Mid-South)-1191
Division 2:     Kevin Binkley (Georgia)-1002
Division 3:     Roman Belogorodov (CEE)-789
Division 4:     Siarhei Marshyn (CEE)-750
Division 5:     Raymond F Bader Jr (California) -642
Division 6:     Donald Pike (Mid-South) – 453
Division 7:     Hartmut Glöckner (DE-AT-CH) – 411
Division 8:     Juan Vasquez Castro (Int’l)) – 475
Division 9:     Kenneth Gingras (Texas) – 89
Division 10:   Sylvain Fontaine (France) – 96
Rookie:        Brad McAdams (Virginias)-803

Mazda Roadster

Division 1:     Kester Baird (UK&I)-1010
Division 2:     George Britton (New England)-870
Division 3:     Nikola Pavic (CEE)-833
Division 4:     Paul Knight (UK&I)-774
Division 5:     Miroslav Juricek (CEE)-610
Division 6:     Fernando Romero Pajuelo (Iberia) – 588
Division 7:     Braith Morrow (Aus/NZ) – 578
Division 8:     Ross Bonar (Great Plains) – 440
Division 9:     Wayne Lancaster (Aus/NZ) – 353
Division 10:   Adam Isman (Canada) – 129
Rookie:        Sai Andra (New England)-705


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