The undulating hills of Sonoma Raceway played host to the SRF Series in Week 3 of 2015 Season 4. Despite the challenge of the terrain, the sim racing was clean and exciting as always.

Stian Svendsen ruled the road with five victories, and Daniil Manaenkov nabbed top points honors with 182.

Week 3 saw several lead changes in the division standings: Mike Galloway (Div1), Richard Yalland (Div2), Jason S Stewart (Div5), Garth Gastmeier (Div6), and Ian Haycox (Div8). Others fought their way up the standings: Rob Adams (Div2) moved up 19 spots to P11; Nichad Gluscic, Adrian Gorton, and Ray Ehlers of Div 4 jumped into the top 10; Peter Yerxa (Div6) climbed 15 spots to P4; Philip De Nardo (Div6) moved 12 spots to P9; and Wesley Winterink (Div7) cracked the top 10, moving up nine spots to P5.

Next up is Okayama International Circuit.

Statistics for the week

121 drivers qualified this week with a 12.268 second spread.
Congratulations to Charlie Summers, the fastest qualifier this week with a time of 1:23.890.
7 drivers were under the 100.5% time of 1:24.310 with Mike Galloway at the rear with a 1:24.297.
17 drivers were under the 101% time of 1:24.729 with Leif Henriksen at the rear with a 1:24.709.
52 drivers were under the 102% time of 1:25.568 with Juhana Sorvari at the rear with a 1:25.538.

296 drivers raced this week with 183 (or 61% of the field) not bothering to qualify.
49 out of 78 races went official with an average official race SOF of 1923.00.
The best time to race was at Saturday @ 18:45 GMT with 15 entrants and an SOF of 3134.
The worst time to race was at Monday @ 02:45 GMT with eight entrants and an SOF of 1241.
The top single race score of the week went to Daniil Manaenkov with 182 points.
Ron Wallace was the busiest racer with 13 starts.
Josh Arnold2 had the easiest time with 14 out of 14 laps led.
Edward Forer2 had the fastest race lap this week clocking in at 1:23.970.
Stian Svendsen had the fastest average race laptime of 1:24.998 over 14 laps.
Stian Svendsen edged out Wayne Morgan by 0.401 seconds in the closest race finish of the week.
Ralf Schulz2 was the hardest charger this week starting from 12th and ending in third in this race.
In total we spent 2195 man-hours (91.5 man-days) racing 8777 laps over 78 races.
Eduardo S. Parreiras was the cleanest driver with at least 4 starts with an i/r of 0.00 (0 incidents in 5 races)
Cristobal Gutierrez was the cleanest driver with at least 8 starts with an i/r of 1.50 (18 incidents in 12 races)
Cristobal Gutierrez had the biggest total iRating bump this week of 340 points
Chris Caesar had the biggest single race iRating bump this week of 94 points

Incident Stats
1256 off tracks
548 lost control
88 contacts
180 car contacts
125 black flags

Series top scorers
Div 1: 182 – Daniil Manaenkov
Div 2: 148 – Richard Yalland
Div 3: 106 – Stoyan P Penchev
Div 4: 111 – Chris Caesar
Div 5: 99 – Jason S Stewart
Div 6: 81 – Garth Gastmeier
Div 7: 61 – Michael Charles
Div 8: 44 – Ian Haycox
Div 9: 40 – David Dupuis2
Div 10: 24 – Leigh Hibbert

Division Leaders as of Week 3
Div 1: 537 – Mike Galloway
Div 2: 392 – Richard Yalland
Div 3: 367 – Stoyan P Penchev
Div 4: 280 – Chris Caesar
Div 5: 228 – Jason S Stewart
Div 6: 205 – Garth Gastmeier
Div 7: 180 – Michael Charles
Div 8: 129 – Ian Haycox
Div 9: 53 – Rhett Parsons
Div 10: 42 – Chad Hisaw

Nearly 300 sim racers accepted the challenge of competing at Sonoma in SRF this week.

Noteworthy Achievements
18 drivers brought home their first win of the season this week! Congrats to:
Casey Kirwan, BJ Holda, Kelly Niquette, Matthew Burke, James Tibor, Kenny Sabarese, Nicholas Vandal, Juhana Sorvari, Jeff Schmeier, Paolo Di Marcantonio, Josh Arnold2, Mark Underwood, Kevin O’Keefe, Brendan O’Brien,Joshua Skinn, Bob van Katwijk, Robert Lathrop, Josh Camm

100.5% Club
Two drivers joined the 100.5% club for the first time this season! Congrats to:
Nicholas Vandal, Daniil Manaenkov

101% Club
One driver joined the 101.0% club for the first time this season! Congrats to:
Stoyan P Penchev

102% Club
Nine drivers joined the 102.0% club for the first time this season! Congrats to:
Casey Kirwan, Juhana Sorvari, Janne Sainisto, Aaron Kobayashi, Josh Arnold2, Kelly Niquette, Bob van Katwijk,Joshua Skinn, Dario Ricov

New Drivers
The SRF crew wants to welcome the 107 new sim racers who joined us this week:
Serge Larouche, Pablo D Flores, Anastasios Kalaitzidis, Myrick Hearn, Perry Needham, Nicholas Vandal, Jeff Hendricks, Daniel Graf, Chris Locker, Dalton Wicker, Michael Ryhl, James west, Andrew Wood, Bill Krause, Timo Nau,Charlie Parker, Bob van Katwijk, Patrick Moore4, Ted Hough, David Dupuis2, Yuji Kurokawa, Fellipe Santos, Jared Conway, Slade Mitchell, Will Kirk, Chris L Sharp, Danny Bowman Jr, Alexander Ruett, Ignacio Hernandez-Ros,Andrew-Adair Saunders, Jose Zafra Ma?As2, Francisco Casanga, William Brown8, Conrad Samson Jr, Jacob Loomis,Joseph A Gluchacki, BJ Holda, Ossa Coffman, Dale Lomas, Eduardo E Bunecker, Matthew Cissna, Matt Stuttle, Aaron Coleman, Jeramy Madlung, Justin Partin, Jeffrey Timmerman, Thiago H Maraccini, Josh Arnold2, Sam Jacks, Rui Liz,Thomas Hole, George Plante, Tim Giesen, Alexander Pelican, Mitchell Polifka, Brent Lund, Robert Land, James King,Matt Keyes, Ruben Denker, Dario Ricov, Oliver Thede, Felipe Zatti Costa, David Wing, Bertie Curtin, Wilson Calabresi,Jason Cange, Martin Englic, Stefan Schlacher, Robby Bethea, William Feldman2, Joel Comstock, James Mayo, HARA Yoshinori, Jason Dlouhy, Carlos Diegues, Bryan Bible, Jarred Sanjurjo2, Matt Koerner, John Jones9, Joshua W Anderson, Juhana Sorvari, Jonathan Medeiros, Cayden Lapcevich, Eathan Mccolgan, Choi Hyun Chul, Markus Nagel,Bj�rn Kreibohm, Alejandro Soto, Joshua Skinn, Jonathan M Smith, Thomas Soelvberg Larsen, David Korty, Elmer Ardon2, Alan Austin, Bryan Pendleton, Thomas Ballard, Kyle Duehring, Will Longden2, Kenneth Edgar, Alexander Barry, Alan Martin, Mitch Walter, Paul Watkins2, Daniele Criscio, Brandon Schade, Michael B.

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