’s 2014 Season 2 build sees a host of cars equipped with the New Tire Model V5, including the Gen6 stock cars, Class B Chevy Impala and Ford Mustang, Chevrolet COT, Silverado and National Impala, Star Mazda, HPD and Riley Daytona Prototype.  Adjustable traction control, together with a new level of backfire and crackle sounds, is now featured on a number of cars, while custom-colored wheels are available on more than a dozen cars.  We’ve also introduced a customizable user interface enabling iRacers to reposition certain elements (eg mirrors and delta time window) and increase the background’s level of transparency.

In addition, of course, there’s great new content including the Circuit of the Americas and Lucas Oil Raceway, the BMW Z4 GT3 and Toyota Camry, the latter of which completes iRacing’s line-up of Gen6 cars and, together with the recent addition of Auto Club Speedway, enables iRacers to compete in a virtual replica of the NASCAR schedule.

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