Irwindale is a very special track to iRacing. Not only is it one of the most difficult tracks to sim race, but is also league admin Leila Wilson’s favorite (and home) track. Her idea of the “All Irwindale Series” sparked in the winter of 2013, giving birth to one of the most unique leagues iRacing has to offer: the Road Kill Racing Series. Every Monday night at 10PM EST, three races are run every half hour until 11:30. Each of the three races cycle for three weeks. To put it simply, each series runs every three weeks. After the conclusion of one race, another server launches, when all drivers join that session, leading to the next race until the third and final race of the night.

Welcome to RKRS, where it is all Irwindale, all the time.

The schedule for RKRS has a high dose of variety and sim racing excitement. The series runs many of the real-life series that are run weekly at Irwindale, or as special events sanctioned by USAC, Road to Indy, or even NASCAR. Here are the three groups of series that alternate every three weeks, for a total of 12 weeks (four races in each series).

Set 1: Mini Stocks (R-Solstice, Inner), Late Models, Variety (National Impala, Silver Crowns, Trucks, and Star Mazda)

Set 2: Legends, Super Stocks (Street Stocks), Super Late Models

Set 3: Grand American (SK Mods), The Irwindale Super Sprint Car Series of Mega-Awesomeness! (Sprint Car, Sponsored by Brian Williams), Outlaw Figure 8s (SS/LM/SLM/SK/SR8 )

This fixed-setup league has a lot to take in at first glance, but after racing, conversing, and having a great time with the welcoming members of the league, it becomes almost natural to hop into another server and get ready to tackle a new sim race! With this insane amount of races, series and points, credit has to be given to the league admins for their hard work, dedication and money spent to keep this league alive. From the small, grass roots of the league in the Late Model, to the Legends, National Car, Nationwide, and now, Irwindale, the league has come a long way over the years to become one of the most exciting leagues iRacing has ever witnessed.

Brian Williams stole the show in Mini Stocks.

Race One of the season has already taken place, with three winners on top of the podium last Monday night. In the Mini Stock event, Brian Williams took home the checkered flag in the 30 lap sim-race on the Inner Oval configuration. Chevy Gilliam and Nick Zier rounded-out the podium. Brian led only five laps en route to his victory, whilst Zier had a heartbreak, leading 13 laps and falling to a bronze medal.

Following the Mini Stocks, all drivers exited the sim to enter the second race of the night; Late Models. The 30 lap sim race on the Outer Oval featured only two cautions for 10 laps. Once again, it was a Brian-Chevy 1-2, as Williams led every lap from his second starting position. Michael “Caz” Denton, Ryan Williams and Ms. Wilson rounded-out the top five in the sim race. For the final time in the evening, the racers jumped servers once again to cap off the night with the start of the variety series in the National Impala.

Following the action in the Rookie Solstice, Williams continued his dominance, taking victory in the Late Model division.

The sim racers’ endurance was tested, as 50 more laps around Irwindale’s Outer configuration followed. As the dozen drivers piloted their National Impalas, it seemed to be a two-horse race between Brian Williams and Nick Zier. Both drivers lead 16 laps each, and the margin of victory was under three tenths. However, with six cautions over half of the race ran at reduced speed behind the FIRST Safety Car. After the chaos, Williams pulled the trifecta, winning all three races in RKRS’ season opener. Can Brian bring his broom next week and complete the sweep?

After winning all three races in Week One, Williams will be looking to take his momentum to next week.

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