The World Cup of iRacing Intimidator Super Speedway Championship is set for Saturday, May 2 at Talladega Superspeedway and will answer the nagging question:  Which club can best use the draft and teammates to intimidate their way to victory?

Two heats are scheduled.  The Eastern Hemisphere Heat is slated for 11 am GMT/ 9pm Sydney time and is open to all European clubs as well as Australia/New Zealand and Asia.  The Western Hemisphere Heat goes off at 8 pm EST/Midnight GMT and is open to all US clubs as well as Canada, Brazil, Hispanoamerica and International.

Depending on which clubs qualify from the Eastern Hemisphere Heat, the Finals will be held immediately following the Western Hemisphere Heat at roughly 10 pm EST (Noon on Sunday Sydney time) or at 8 pm GMT (4 pm EST) on Sunday May 3rd.

Check the forum for complete details.

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