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Learn what makes iRacing the place to go simracing. What makes iRacing different from your typical driving game and see why you should start your iRacing career today!
50+ Race Cars
70+ Tracks

iRacing is Simracing offers the most authentic online racing experience, using the latest technology for its staggering, ever-expanding lineup of famed racecars and courses. All of the painstaking details add up to a robust lineup of cars and tracks that are indistinguishable from the real thing — you’ll be instantly immersed upon entering the cockpit of an iRacing car. Every facet of our simulator is officially licensed and a laser scanned replica of its real-life counterpart.

The next-generation simracing software is used by professional drivers and casual gamers alike. Although it’s a motorsport simulator at heart, its value as a training tool can’t overshadow the thrilling racing experience that awaits casual gamers looking for a driving experience unlike any other. With its basic hardware requirements, anyone with a compatible PC and steering wheel set, as well as a broadband connection, can join tens-of-thousands of other racers already in our simracing community.

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