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Tyler Hudson’s NASCAR iRacing Championship Blog

December 27, 2013, 2 Comments

Hudson Myers On Stage

What’s it like to be a NASCAR Champion?  Let’s back up a little bit first.  I remember sitting at my PC a few years ago and watching as Richard Towler walked onto the stage at Homestead Miami to receive his NASCAR Series World Championship check of $10,000.  Then, watching him walk into the media … Read the Rest »

Self Promotion – An Unfamiliar Scenario

October 28, 2013, No Comments

Every driver has tracks that they aren’t particularly fond of.  Whether it’s because they’ve had bad luck, a big wreck, or just can’t seem to figure the place out, it seems there’s always at least one.  For me, it’s a little bit of a different scenario. I got my oval racing career started at the … Read the Rest »

Self Promotion: Making Your Own Luck

September 27, 2013, No Comments

Michael Self cockpit 2

If racing was easy, either physically or mentally, I can’t think of a reason we wouldn’t all be doing it.  This year has had its ups and downs for me; some of the biggest ups of my career, and some of the lowest downs where I’ve just had to reflect and ask Why? What? Or … Read the Rest »

There’s just something about New Hampshire

September 19, 2013, No Comments

1.	My wife and I and my colleagues watch Sprint Cup practice at NHMS in 2012 (Left to right: Me, my wife Annie, Otto, Kevin and Steve)

One of the great opportunities I have been afforded by working for is that twice a year, a few of my colleagues and I head to the track when NASCAR descends on our state.  All of us love the sim environment but getting out to the track for an afternoon gives us some important … Read the Rest »

What has happened to road racing in America?

September 5, 2013, 23 Comments

magic 8 ball

Last weekend two of the largest American racing series brought their haulers and million dollar race cars to the racing center of the world – Baltimore, MD. Funny thing is that no one seemed to care. The few overhead shots broadcast on TV showed more unoccupied seats than occupied for both the ALMS and the … Read the Rest »

1967: The Summer of Lo…tus 49

July 16, 2013, 31 Comments

lotus 49 in car

There were a lot of places where people were loving the summer of 1967, but the cockpit of an F1 car with a brand new 3-liter engine was not one of them.  The engine formula had just been changed in 1966 to allow 3 liters of displacement, up from 1.5 liters in previous years.  1967 … Read the Rest »

Bucket List

June 25, 2013, 7 Comments

Not unlike A Prairie Home Companion’s Guy Noir, I continue my search for the answers to life’s persistent questions, first and foremost among them: Is the bucket half empty or half full?  In this case, the bucket is my personal bucket list of motorsports events I’d love to see at least once in my time … Read the Rest »

Disguised Honeymoon

June 17, 2013, 2 Comments

Ferrari 4

There are times in a guy’s life that he would classify as defining moments: Riding your bike for the first time without training wheels, your first kiss, going to your first major sporting event, getting married, the birth of your firstborn. This is a story of just such an event. The concept of a pilgrimage … Read the Rest »

A Golden Weekend

June 12, 2013, No Comments

Victory donuts at I44

In racing there are good weekends, there are great weekends, and seldom, there are the unreal golden weekends.  I can’t say there’s been much reflecting over the last 24 hours because, well, there’s hasn’t been much to reflect on.  I had a golden weekend, without a doubt the best weekend of my racing career, and … Read the Rest »

Self Improvement

June 7, 2013, No Comments

Road racing was the only form of racing that I knew for the first eight years of my career.  Even though I was an avid NASCAR fan as a kid, always watching the races and playing the video games, I got my start in Karts.  They taught me everything I knew as far as racecraft, … Read the Rest »