Okayama proved to be a popular venue, with more than 1100 iRacers making the virtual tow to Mimasaka.

Week Six brought the iRacing.com Skip Barber Race Series to Okayama International Circuit located in Mimasaka, Japan.  The 1.3 mile (2.09 km) “Short” circuit features seven turns, mostly slow and tight. Mastering the tight turns was Jon Tanko (Iberia) setting a 58.700 second lap time as the pole position.  This was a very popular week as we saw 1110 drivers take part in a race, 475 placed a qualifying lap, and 240 complete a time trial.

Stuart Adcock (England) led the way with a score of 213 points. Starting from the fourth position in the 3444 SOF race, Adcock trailed the lead trio of Rudi Reinkort (Central Eastern Europe), Jairo Via (Iberia), Wojciech Swirydowicz (Celtic).  On the seventh lap the trio was involved in an incident moving them all back in the running order, gifting Adcock the lead.  He was able to hold on for the remainder of the race and cross the line with 0.178 second advantage over the trailing Paul F Grillo (Celtic).  This was the only online race in which Adcock competed in throughout the week.

Rudi Reinkort (Central Eastern Europe) took home the second position with a score of 200 points.  Starting from the second position in the 3598 SOF race, Reinkort pushed hard from the drop of the green flag but was unable to stay with Kenneth O’Keefe (Eastern Canada) as he disappeared into the distance.  Reinkort settled for the second position at the line, 7.577 seconds behind.  He also competed in three other races throughout the week, scoring two victories and a seventh place finish.

Adcock (6), Grillo (3), Via (2), Swirydowics (1), Simon Povey (8), Reinkort (5), George Lambert (9) and Martin Peck (7) battle for position around Okayama.

Paul F Grillo (Celtic) completed the podium this week scoring 196 points.  Grillo started from the fifth position in the same 3444 SOF race which Stuart Adcock won.  He moved into the second position in the same incident, and despite pushing his Skip Barber to the limits came just short of Adcock at the line, 0.178 seconds behind.  He also competed in one other race throughout the week, scoring another second place finish.

Next week the iRacing.com Skip Barber Race Series will head to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  Using the “Short” layout, they will attack 13 turn over the 2.0 mile (3.22 km) circuit.  This is the first time the Skippy has used this layout so new world records will be set and the race ability of the track is unknown until sim-racers take to the track.  Be sure to check back next week for updates from Mid-Ohio!

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