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Fierce battle for position late in the going.

Week’s eight and nine of the NASCAR iRacing Class C Fixed Series brought 4,153 sim racers from all around the world to the virtual circuits of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While these speedways are both very fast, that’s where the prestige and characteristics stop. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the most famous speedway in the United States and one of the most famous tracks worldwide. Las Vegas is a relatively new speedway which has undergone a facelift since its initial construction in 1995. While Las Vegas Motor Speedway does not hold the same respect in the auto racing community as Indianapolis, it is still a very good race track that can produce exciting racing and finishes.

Indianapolis (Strength of Field)

Justin Fuller (New York) took his No. 4 Silverado into Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s famed victory lane after leading 18 of the event’s 20 laps en route to a 0.424 second margin of victory over Sean Robbins (Carolina) who led two laps and turned the fastest lap of the event. Bobby Hackel (New York) started in the third position and didn’t move up when the checkered flag flew to conclude the event as he finished in the third position. Brian V Macklin (Atlantic) started from the eighth position and worked his way into the top five to finish fourth overall. The final spot in the top five was earned by Jordy Lopez Jr (New Jersey) who started in the number six position. The 4254 Strength of Field was slowed twice for cautions for a total of seven laps and saw two lead changes among two drivers.

Las Vegas (Strength of Field)

Austin Hartenfels (Virginias) took the checkered flag in the first position after leading every lap (35) of the event and holding off a hard charging Malik Ray (Carolina) who was only 0.095 seconds behind Hartenfels at the conclusion of 35 circuits. Grant Winchester (Carolina) started from the second position, but was forced to settle for a final finishing position of third. The final spots in the top five were filled by Kenneth O’Keefe (Canada) and Logan Kress (New England) who started fifth and ninth, respectively. The 5060 SoF was slowed twice for cautions for a total of seven laps.

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Side-by-side at the finish line.

Indianapolis (Weekly Standings)

Even though he did not win the top SoF event of the week, Robbins was able to net the most championship points for the week with 251. The second position went to 2013 NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship champion Tyler D Hudson (Mid-South) who made two starts during the week and earned one victory, amassing 239 points in the process. SoF victor Fuller made 15 starts during the week, 12 of which resulted in a victory and the collection of 238 championship points. Two-time NiSWC champion Ray Alfalla (Florida) ended the week in the fourth position after earning 232 during his two starts for the week. Jarl Teien (Scandinavia) rounds out the top five with 230 points.

Las Vegas (Weekly Standings)

To continue the trend from Week Eight, he person with the most points at the end of the week also did not win the week’s top SoF event. Winchester made two starts during the week, finishing in the top five each time and netting solid 283 points for his efforts. NASCAR iRacing Pro Series competitor Chad J Laughton (Carolina) made one start during the week and made the most of it as he started from the pole and took his Silverado to victory lane en route to earning 252 points for the week. O’Keefe started an incredible 23 races during the week, finishing in the top five 20 times, and earning 16 victories. Dylan Cecce (New York) and Ray rounded out the top five with 238 and236 points, respectively.

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Tough break for the 2 Silverado as he heads towards the wall.

Indianapolis (Qualifying)

No stranger to the top of the qualifying charts was on top once again as he set the fastest time of the week. Simon Crochart (France) turned an incredible time of 53.001 seconds around the 2.5-mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The second position was filled by Chris M Hall (Florida) who completed a circuit of IMS in 53.046 seconds. Alfalla, Teien, and Josh Berry (Mid-South) fill the remaining positions in the top five with times of 53.093, 53.096, and 53.139 seconds.

Las Vegas (Qualifying)

After seven full days (168 sessions) who would have thought there would be a tie at the top of the qualifying chart for Week Nine at Las Vegas? Well, that’s exactly what happened at the conclusion of the week. Erik Roice (Plains) and Laughton each turned a time of 30.988 seconds around the 1.5-mile speedway. O’Keefe, Alex Warren (Illinois), and Andrew Glazik (Illionis) rounded out the top five with times of 31.002, 31.006, and 31.008 seconds.

Indianapolis (Season Standings)

  1. Paul Kusheba 1917
  2. Nathan McGuire 1871 (-46)
  3. Justin Fuller 1819 (-98)
  4. Sean Robbins 1806 (-111)
  5. Jordy Lopez Jr 1737 (-180)

Las Vegas (Season Standings)

  1. Paul Kusheba 1942
  2. Nathan McGuire 1913 (-29)
  3. Sean Robbins 1866 (-76)
  4. Justin Fuller 1844 (-98)
  5. Jordy Lopez Jr 1766 (-176)

After spending week’s eight and nine in Indiana and Nevada, the NiCCF Series heads back east for a trip to the Richmond International Raceway for 55 laps of action at one of NASCAR’s premier short tracks.

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