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Leigh Ellis leads the field down the front stretch of Summit Point.

Week 4 of the V8 Supercars Series has concluded in style with Beau Cattell taking the win for the week followed very closely by fellow teammate, Jarrad Filsell. From the drop of the green flag, it was a three-way battle between Cattell, Filsell and the pole sitter, Leigh Ellis. Being that it was a 42 lap race, the three quickly separated themselves from the rest of the pack as Ellis began to pull away. On Lap 12, however, pit strategy came into play. As Ellis continued his online race, Cattell and Filsell both entered pit lane for their required fuel. Re-entering the field from pit lane in positions 12 and 13, Cattell and Filsell now only had to remain consistent and stay out of trouble to see if their strategy paid off.

Online Racing

Ellis continues on as Cattell and Filsell both pit on Lap 12.

On Lap 16, Ellis made his pit stop but took too long doing so. As he made his exit, he was quickly overtaken by both Cattell and Filsell as they saw their strategy pay off. The three resumed their close racing as Ellis upped the pressure. Taking the inside line on the final corner of Lap 18, Ellis was able to gain the upper hand on Filsell and reclaim one position.

Online Racing

Ellis makes the pass on Filsell for P2.

Hard sim-racing ensued with Filsell not giving up without a fight. As the lead pack entered Wagon Bend on Lap 20, however, Ellis’s race took a turn for the worse. Going into the corner too fast, Ellis locked-up the wheels and went sideways off the track and into the sand.

Online Racing

Ellis enters Wagon Bend too fast and locks-up.

Although he was able to maintain overall control of the car, he couldn’t stop the momentum of the heavy Ford Falcon. The car continued its path through the sand and eventually into the tire wall causing damage to the right side. Both Cattell and Filsell cruised by as Ellis reentered the track.

Online Racing

Ellis collides with the tire wall but is able to press on.

The damage to Ellis’s Falcon must not have been too extensive, however, as he continued his race without pitting although he was no longer able to challenge for the race win or maintain the proper pace. Through sheer determination – combined with excellent car control – Ellis maintained his position for the remainder of the race and claimed the final step of the podium.

A one-two finish for teammates Beau Cattell (who set the fastest lap time of 1:10.830) and Jarrad Filsell, the remainder of the top-5 was claimed by Wayne C. Bourke and Ian Ford who started in P7 and P9 respectively.

Online Racing

T.A.G. Team finish: Cattell and Filsell partake in dueling donuts as they capture a one-two victory.

This Australian Strength-of-Field (SoF) race had a strength of 3395 and was split three times. Here are the top five finishers from the other splits:


Split 2/SoF 1924

1-      Jarrod Muggleton

2-      Rhys Goldfinsh

3-      Martin Creemers

4-      David Baxter

5-      Sam Compton


Split 3/SoF 1168

1-      Jamie M. Eaton

2-      Tim M. Campbell

1-      Jonathan Beikoff

2-      Aaron Mcintyre

3-      Richard Romano


As we pass the 25% season completion mark, Week 5 takes the V8 Supercars to one of America’s premier road racing facilities,: the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. This 13 turn 2.25 miles long road course has its share of tricks up its sleeves. With its blind corners, a long straight which leads to a tight hairpin and a series of uphill and downhill esses, this course is a favorite among the drivers who enjoy a challenge but the bane of existence to many others. One way or another, it should make for some exciting racing!

Be sure to check back often as iRacingNews keeps up with all of the action of the 2014 Season 2 V8 Supercars Series.

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