Chicagoland Speedway was the site of racing for Week 12, the final week of the season. Jared Crawford (Michigan) came into Week 12 with a nice points lead but it wasn’t a lock. As always, anything can happen when it comes to motorsports, especially win racing online. For the final week of the season, 783 sim racers attempted one race while 282 drivers attempted at least one qualifying lap.

“My teammates and I worked on the setup for literally 8 hours” – Jon Adams

The last Strength of Field race of the season took place two hours later than normal on Friday night race due to an iRacing service failure. Despite the setback, the race featured a full field of 30 drivers and had an SoF of 4959. Jason Karlavige (Pennsylvania) and Andrew Shirley (Mid-South) dominated most of the race as they lead a combined 79 of the 100 laps in the race. Neither would finish it out as both Shirley and Karlavige would run into trouble in the final two laps of the race. Shirley was leading the race with two laps to go before hitting the wall off of turn four and giving up the lead to Jon Adams (Georgia). Adams wild win the race as Crawford would run into trouble on the last lap. Adams received 318 points.

“My teammates and I worked on the setup for literally 8 hours and we were a tenth faster than anyone else” Adams said after the race. “So we went out there to win and one of us did.”

Adams (4) chasing Shirley (21)

Adams (4) chasing Shirley (21)

Justin Thompson (Georgia) would finish the race in the second position after starting 28th and leading one lap during the race. Thompson received 307 points for second. Karlavige led 35 laps during the race but finished third, netting 296 points.  Dustin Montgomery (Mid-South) finished in the fourth position while Shirley, who led the most laps with 44, finished fifth after giving up the lead coming to the white. Montgomery and Shirley received 285 and 274 points respectively. Point’s leader Crawford finished 17th while Laughton, second in points, finished sixth. The race had eight cautions for 30 laps and 11 lead changes.

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At the end of the week, Adams was on top of the weekly points after his SoF win.  Adams finished the week with 318 points.  Karlavige finished the week in the second spot with 296 points after his third place finish in the SoF race. Laughton was third at the end of the week after his sixth place finish on Friday. Laughton had 263 points. Montgomery and EJ O’Rourke rounded out the Top Five in the weekly standings. Montgomery won one of his three races and netted 255 points on the week while O’Rourke finished seventh on Friday and received 252 points.

2012 Season 2 Champion Jared Crawford

2012 Season 2 Champion Jared Crawford

When it was all said and done, Jared Crawford finished the season on top of the standings. Crawford dominated the races he ran in route to his championship. Crawford averaged 285 points a week and finished the season with 18 wins in 27 races with 25 Top Five’s while leading 77% of the laps he ran. Chad Laughton finished the season in the second position, coming up 57 points short of Crawford. Laughton won three races in 27 starts and had 22 Top Five’s. Jason Karlavige finished the season in the fourth position with 1977 points. Karlavige had 6 wins in 17 starts with 15 Top Five’s. Brad Mahar (New England) finished the season in the fourth position with 1897 points. Mahar had two wins in 19 starts with with eight Top Five’s. David Cater (Carolina) rounded out the Top Five in the standings with 1770 points. Cater had 10 wins in 41 starts and had 24 Top Five’s.

Division Champions

Overall – Jared Crawford

Division 1 – Jared Crawford

Division 2 – Chad J Laughton

Division 3 – Liam Lambert

Division 4 – Kyle McCormick

Division 5 – Michael Kearns

Division 6 – Bill Rowlands

Division 7 – Patrick Davis Jr

Division 8 – Brian Cross

Division 9 – Isaac Mensink

Division 10 – David Pearce

Rookie – Jeffrey Thomas3

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