12527706_1686760411579581_1950651682_n (1)Along with the conclusion of the iRacing British Sim Racers Touring Car PRO Series’ sixth race night at the Nurburgring Nordschleife on Thursday the 21st of April last week, the tenures of the Potshotpete Twitch Channel and Game Developers Strange Fire as sponsors of Eclectic Motorsport drivers — reigning Amateur Division Champion John Roberts and Pro Driver Ben Hackeson respectively — also drew to an end.

Although both sponsors had signed up to back the aforementioned vehicles for a period of four weeks ranging from the 27th of March to the 14th of this month, the cancellation of the 14th April race’s live-stream owing to the broadcasters, Apex Racing TV’s prior commitments with the 2016 World Endurance Championship led to their sponsorship being extended by a week.

Pop UpOver the course of these four weeks regardless, both sponsors were seen advertising their respective brand’s gaming ventures through each of the races — the Potshotpete Channel promoted its regular streaming of Video Game content, while developers Strange Fire opted to have their indie RPG Shoppe Keep advertised.

This was done by flying the Channel’s and Shoppe Keep’s flags on the vehicles of Roberts and Hackeson respectively, while the live streams played their corresponding trailers during the 10 minute breaks between the races’ four rounds. Pop-up ads centred on the two will also be seen during the MotorsTV International TV broadcasts of the races over next month.

Since neither will be extending their sponsorships going forward however, the KIA Optima’s of John Roberts and Ben Hackeson, along with that of the team’s Amateur Division driver Andrew Whitehead, are now open to those looking to advertise their independent gaming projects via the event for a period of four weeks. As always, those interested in applying can do so via Higher Eclectic Ground’s Independent Gaming Sponsorship Application page.

13047810_1216748415021355_2065370031019469734_oFollowing the rather uneventful race at Donington Park on the 14th of April that was marked only by the two top ten finishes of reserve Pro Driver George Simmons in 6th place during round one and a 9th place finish of full-time, Shoppe Keep sponsored Pro Driver Ben Hackeson during round two respectively, Eclectic Motorsport performed to be the second highest scoring team of the night on its outing at the three rounds of the Nurburgring last week.

Having been victim to a spate of incidents since the start of the Season, the team’s Amateur Division driver Andrew Whitehead enjoyed not only his first night of successful finishes, but also came close to achieving his first top ten finish by placing in 11th place during the second race at the ‘Ring. ‘My first 100% finish rate, so I’m hoping this is a change in fortunes for me personally; Yes, it could have been so much better, but 3 finishes with so few incident points is very encouraging’, he stated in expression of his relief after the final round. With a cumulative of 212 points, Whitehead stood to be the 3rd highest scoring AM Driver of the night.

13047862_1216748411688022_4899291646089295810_oFellow Potshotpete sponsored AM driver John Roberts meanwhile suffered an unfortunate finish in 33rd place on the first round of  the night, after issues with his PC caused him to start an entire four minutes behind the rest of the pack.

Regardless, he’d go on to course through the enormity of accidents that had rippled through the second round to finish in 16th place from his 33rd place start, before finishing the final round  in 10th place to be the highest placed Amateur Division during its course and the 4th highest scoring AM Driver of the entire night behind Whitehead.

Following the dissolution of the Euro Chip Digital team last week, the team’s Reserve Driver Stuart Atkinson joined and competed as Eclectic Motorsport’s Reserve AM Driver to bring forth a trio of mid-rear pack wins at the German track; on account of his ‘Reserve’ status though, any or all points scored by him do not contribute to the team’s overall. Reserve AM Driver James Leggett on the other hand departed the team due to managerial commitments with the iRacing KIA Club Series.

13055068_1216748408354689_2443007276385607074_oAs for the Pro division, while not contributing to the team’s overall standings himself, George Simmons added to his growing list of top 10 finishes this Season by finishing the second round in 5th place overall. Despite one expecting team mate Ben Hackeson to lie within his immediate vicinity as is usual however, a bout of ill-health caused the full-time PRO driver to lag behind his usual form and finish rounds two and three in 24th and 21st place — after being enveloped by an on-track incident that ended his first round early. 

Nevertheless, the sum total of points earned that placed it just under the top of the Teams’ table for the night has only served to reinstate the team’s confidence ahead of their next scheduled race at Barber Motorsports Park on the 28th of this week, after the disappointment of the previous race at Donington had nearly sent them into a near team restructuring and strategy re-evaluation mode. As Simmons states — ‘If we’d have had another race we’d have been top; we did mega at the Nurburgring, it certainly is a turning point for us.’

The iRacing BSRTC PRO Series Touring Car PRO Series is an internationally broadcast, simulation racing championship that is currently witnessing 50 talented iRacing users compete for a $10,000 prize fund over the course of its Tenth Season. Besides being streamed to nearly 2,000 viewers every week on Apex Racing TV every Thursday at 8.15 P.M GMT, the races are also broadcast on MotorsTV International with up to three repeats.

By branding the former ProAm XLDesigns team of Andrew Whitehead, John Roberts, Ben Hackeson, George Simmons and now Stuart Atkinson to Eclectic Motorsport, Higher Eclectic Ground has been offering independent game talent from both within and outside its community the opportunity to advertise their games, YouTube channels, brands and other gaming projects via the event by sponsoring one of the team’s full-time drivers for an inexpensive fee on a monthly basis. Both Potshotpete and Shoppe Keep were the first gaming entities to sign up for the same.

iRacing BSRTC PRO Series Broadcast | Nordschleife

Watch the Nurburgring broadcast on Apex Racing TV’s official YT Channel and be sure to catch the Potshotpete & Shoppe Keep advertisements during the inter-round breaks.

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