Season 4 week 2 of the iRacing V8 Supercar Series by Bigpond Sport moved to the hills of Sonoma and the undulations of Infineon Raceway

For race 1, series leader Madison Down took pole by barely 1/100ths of a second from his shadow Mitch McLeod for Racing. Rens Broekman in turn was another 1/100th back in third. Real world racer Scott McLaughlin was back into the sim world for another go, nabbing fourth. Next was the improving Richard Hamstead, and behind them, making a welcome return to the “main game” was XSG’s Michael McCabe.

Filling out the top ten was Cal Whatmore, Michael Clark, Down’s TTR teammate Beau Cubis and Lewis Dodimead.

Down making a run for it on Lap Three

Down lead the early laps as expected, but Broekman did him a huge favour by trumping McLeod for second, putting them in a hearty battle, with Hamstead in tow looking very racey. Further back there was contact galore, with Jason Madigan and David Hingston the biggest losers, so to speak after contact with Scott U’Ren.

McLeod’s woes compounded on Lap Nine when Hamstead stuffed it up the inside of the hairpin, making it stick, with a bit of virtual paint swapped in the process.

Two laps later McLeod returned fire at the same place, diving under Hamstead, the move also blocking Hamstead’s Speedy Refrigeration teammate Whatmore, who was looking interested in doing the same to McLeod. All three were within a shot of Broekman in second, and McCabe was shadowing the lot of them.

All hell is about to break loose behind Broekman

Just when McLeod looked like claiming second from Broekman, it all ended with disaster. As McLeod drifted to the right crossing the line on lap 13, Hamstead had a headlight alongside McLeod’s right rear and tagged the car into a spin. McLeod was into the wall and out of contention. This series has had it all, now it has controversy. McLeod says “hit”, Hamstead says “squeezed”, and never the twain…

The conflagration left Broekman, Whatmore, a damaged Hamstead and McCabe to fight out second place.  Broekman had no rest, with either or both Speedy Refrigeration cars all over him, the hairpin proving to be the epicentre of the action. Clark joined in the fun, and McLaughlin was not too far back in the Hyper Stimulator NZ car.

Moment of truth as McLeod and Hamstead wrestle

Cubis was eighth, while Dodimead and Stuart Wood fought out ninth and tenth. Almost ten seconds back were Scott U’Ren in the surviving car, then Nfinity’s Anton Stratiev, Simon Black and Bigpond’s Vern Norrgard locked in mortal combat with the occasional body contact, then Paul Larkin, Kelvin Van Der Linde, David Hingston, Colin Boyd and Kevin Duwel.

And Madison Down? No such excitement, the winner by 17 seconds. Broekman survived the Fridge onslaught to retain second from Hamstead in third.

The other split winners were Brad Ryan and Spud Gibson.

In Race Two, Madison Down was again uncatchable, but McLeod’s evening steadied somewhat with a solid second place, well clear of his race one nemesis Hamstead, third. McCabe was fourth while Dylan Sharman, McLaughlin, U’Ren and Whatmore were nose to tail for all but the entire race. Dodimead and Wood rounded out the top ten. Broekman was out early, pitting from Lap One damage.

Split One of Race Two yielded a seismic reading of 4022 SOF, and there were four splits. The other winners were Paul Larkin, Brad Ryan and Tod Gibson.

New faces, extra talent, massive numbers, and the same veteran heavy hitters- the final season of 2011 will be a cracker.


1 Madison Down 1 Australia/NZ 488 0
2 Mitchell McLeod 1 Australia/NZ 463 -25
3 Richard Hamstead 1 Australia/NZ 425 -63
4 Cal Whatmore 1 Australia/NZ 404 -84
5 Rens Broekman 1 Benelux 395 -93
6 Scott U’Ren 1 Australia/NZ 385 -103
7 Beau Cubis 1 Australia/NZ 340 -148
8 Michael Clark 1 Australia/NZ 340 -148
9 Stuart Wood 2 Australia/NZ 317 -171
10 Neil Pearson 3 Australia/NZ 304 -184
11 Paul Larkin 2 Australia/NZ 304 -184
12 Lewis Dodimead 2 Australia/NZ 293 -195
13 George Fullerton 1 Australia/NZ 292 -196
14 Shaun Kelly 2 Australia/NZ 268 -220
15 John Emerson 2 Australia/NZ 265 -223
16 Vern Norrgard 2 Australia/NZ 263 -225
17 Kevin Duwel 2 Benelux 235 -253
18 Trevor Forster 2 Australia/NZ 234 -254
19 Simon Black 1 Australia/NZ 232 -256
20 David Hingston 2 Australia/NZ 222 -266
21 Brad Ryan 4 Australia/NZ 222 -266
22 Colin Boyd 2 Australia/NZ 217 -271
23 Michael McCabe 1 Australia/NZ 213 -275
24 James McKnight 3 Australia/NZ 207 -281
25 David Martinez 2 Iberia 206 -282
26 Wayne G Hewitt 3 Australia/NZ 205 -283
27 Stuart Timmins 3 Australia/NZ 203 -285
28 Dylan Sharman 1 Australia/NZ 200 -288
29 Andrew Russell2 3 Australia/NZ 198 -290
30 Shaun Doecke 3 Australia/NZ 197 -291
31 Esben Tipple 3 Scandinavia 196 -292
32 Alexander Chailytko 2 Central-Eastern Europe 196 -292
33 Carwyn May 3 Australia/NZ 193 -295
34 Warren Pead 3 Australia/NZ 188 -300
35 Scott McLaughlin2 1 Australia/NZ 187 -301
36 Michael Koroleff 3 Australia/NZ 184 -304
37 Josh Smith 3 Australia/NZ 181 -307
38 Richard Lock 2 Australia/NZ 178 -310
39 Clayton Brooks 4 Australia/NZ 175 -313
40 Samuel Collins 2 Australia/NZ 170 -318
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