Gathering of Tweakers iRacing (GoT) is very proud to announce the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series as the official support series for the first season of the NEO Endurance Series (NES)!

The GoT Endurance Series (GES) will follow the NEO Endurance Series schedule and provide support races on the same weekend as the NES races, on the Saturdays before the NES races. The GES will visit the same tracks and use similar rules, and will also be broadcast by Racespot TV – allowing for a very realistic full weekend of sim racing with the GES support series on Saturdays followed by the NES main event on Sundays.

Furthermore, the top three finishers in the GES will receive an official invitation to participate in the next season of the NEO Endurance Series!

As the NES filled up very quickly, a lot of people were left in the dark with no room to participate. We hope the GES is a solution to this problem, allowing people to participate in the an officially supported series after all. The GES is designed to be slightly more accessible to give other drivers and teams a chance at racing as part of a prestigious series.

All races will be broadcast by Racespot TV!

The GES will use the GT3 cars, including the Ford GT GT3. At the moment we are not planning to further balance the cars by weight penalties, but we hold the option to change that if we see fit.

The GES will follow the NES schedule exactly, with races on the Saturdays before the main NES event on Sundays.

Races will be three hours long; half as long as NES races. The races will start on 18:30 GMT and finish around 21:30 GMT.
The qualification will be a short 15 minute three lap lone qualifier just before the race.

More information
All information can be found on our website ( & at the iRacing forum (

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