The Hungarian iRacing League – run by – started almost exactly one year ago and matches-up sim racers and even real life racers from all around the country. Participation is very good.  We currently have more than 30 permanent racers and we expect this number to go up even more during the series. The number of iRacing members doubled in Hungary in one year but for us Hungarians, it is still a relatively new thing. There are members who have been avid sim racers for a very long time and we are happy to have them in our competition.

Following our summer league, the official 2011/2012 league has just started called the iRacers Triangle Cup. The “triangle” in the name represents the three cars used throughout the league. The first six races will feature the Ford Mustang FR500S, the second six the Ford Falcon V8.  The last bunch is undecided yet (but will probably feature the Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype).

The first six rounds of the iRacing Triangle Series feature the Mustang FR500S.

We try to attract people by starting-out with a relatively slower car and build-up the performance throughout the league. There are races in between the official races — the Internal Series — which is considered as more of a fun series with different cars and tracks each time, sometimes oval and sometimes road tracks. The races (including the Internal Series) are broadcast live by two commentators at, where anybody can watch them.

The first Triangle Cup race was held in Mid-Ohio last week and the first Internal Series race was held on Monday, featuring the Radical SR8 at Suzuka. The next official race is going to be at Suzuka next week, and will be followed by a fun run at Texas Speedway.

The opening round of the iRacers Triangle Series at Mid-Ohio attracted moe than 30 entries.

The Triangle Cup race at Mid-Ohio featured 32 cars and was a huge success. Dániel Sinka won the pole position with a lap of 1:34.392  — only 2 tenths off the World Record lap time.  In fact, the first 10 qualified within a second of one another and the first 20 cars were covered by two seconds, so the race promised to be very close.  The race offered some great fights – and a few accidents.  After 43 laps, Sinka won by 13.3 seconds. He was followed by Robert Strbik in second position and Balazs Penzes in third, with Tibor Sándor and Gergely Kiss finishing in the top five.  23 cars finished the race in which one pit stop was mandatory.

In celebration of the Hungarian iRacing League’s first birthday, we are organizing a “best of nations race” on October 31.  We’d like to invite sim racers from all over the world to participate.  Please go to for more information or check the iRacing forum for news of the race.  The Hungarian iRacing League also has a Facebook page . . . and you can click here for a taste of the iRacers Triangle Cup action at Mid-Ohio.

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