OK, so you  just joined iRacing.com and hopped into your first Legends race.  Odds are you got collected in a crash.  There are a few things you can do to avoid the incidents and climb your way to the top of the iRacing leader boards. One of the things you can do that is simple yet effective is give the person in front of you what I like to call “error space.”   This means, that when they make a mistake you have enough space to react and go for the pass or at least avoid getting caught-up in his crash. The second helpful hint is to anticipate the actions of the drivers you are racing.

So let’s start off with talking about “error space.” As I said,  this is when a person in front of you makes a mistake like sliding or spinning-out you are far enough behind him to not get collected and have a better opportunity to pass him than if you were half an inch from his rear fender.

screenhunter_08-mar-07-10313In this image we see the driver giving the person in front of him enough room to save his car.   If this driver has been pushing the car in front of him, chances are one (or both) of them would end-up in the wall. Also if the person in front were to spin-out, the following driver would be able to pass him on the inside.  Safely. Lots of rookie drivers believe the race is won in the first corner. As we know from the iRacing driver’s briefing, “the race is not won in the first corner, it is often lost their however.” So before you go using your front bumper against the car in front of you remember that simple statement.

The second thing I mentioned is anticipating other drivers’ actions.  A good example of this is when you see a car diving into a turn on you, you obviously know to stay high.  This will help you in many ways, because it can save you and the rest of the field.

screenhunter_09-mar-07-10311In this picture we see a car spinning-out, likely as the result of entering the turn too  or getting on the gas early.  As you can see, the blue car has given the white car the “error space.”   But he has also done one other thing: he has checked-up knowing that the car can slide back up the track. He has also given himself enough room on the track to either dodge to one side or the other.  However,  try to avoid not to slamming on the brakes.  Remember there are other drives on the track, so if you slam on the brakes you will upset your car (at a minimum) or quite possibly get collected from behind by someone who didn’t give you enough “error space” or adequately anticipate your actions.

There are many other ways to have clean racing but these are just a few. Just remember about “error space” and to anticipate not only your own but other drivers actions as well. Doing these two simple but yet effective things can often be the difference between an enjoyable race and an early end to your run.

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