Chris Hughson continues his quest for dual titles in the inRacingNewsChallenge, adding to his lead in the Pontiac Solstice class after five weeks of online racing but losing ground to Gabriel Tobar in the SpecRacer Fords.

Week Five, which saw the iRNC take on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, helped Hughson extend his points lead in Solstice to 112 over Nenad Matijevic, but saw him drop from 80 points back of Tobar in the Fords to 125. While neither deficit is insurmountable, it appears that we may already know who our champions are.

Not every championship race is as spread out, though. SRF continues to produce some tight divisional championship battles:  Seni Hoellman’s Division Two lead sits at 28, Kim Kartevold’s Division Three advantage at 36, Roberto Pererro’s Division four lead at 47, and Edd Hartley’s Division 5Five advantage stands at 50.

The lower SRF divisions produce somewhat of a mixed bag, however. Eric Laval only has a 38 point lead over Daniel Muse in Division Six, while Bryan Brown’s advantage over Gary Anderson in Divison 10 is a mere 13 points. In fact, Division Seven drivers Timo Nau and Chad Bremer are tied with 341 points, Nau holding the lead by virtue of having one win.

But Jimmey Fogolini’s got a solid gap in Division Eight, with 94 points on Bruce Frame, Mike North’s Division Nine advantage on Oliver Felske is a comfortable 134 points, and Giuseppe Cantore has a 74-point lead in the Rookie division over Paul Ilbrink.

Many of the Solstice divisions aren’t so close.  For example, Moreno Bertani’s 534 points give him a comfortable 128-point lead in Division Two, while Oleg Predko has an 81-point advantage in Division four. Neither are close to Wim Bries’ Division Three advantage, however, which sees him topping Kevin Browne 666-384 and even in the hunt for the series’ overall title with Division One standouts Hughson and Matijevic. Division Five, with its single point separating Bart Hurskainen and Matthias Linek, is very much an outlier.

Michael Brenner paces Division Six by 80 points, Irek Dembski leads Division Seven by 64, and Richard Jordan has nearly doubled second place Bruce Frame’s Division Eight total, 354-184. Michael Hogg’s 47-point lead in Division Nine, relatively speaking, makes that a close race; Jeff Ramsdell’s lead in Division 10 is a comfortable 68 points, while Loic Varnier has all but run away with the Rookie division with an impressive 506 points and 131-marker advantage.

Week Six will see the iRNC competitors head to the Charlotte Motor Speedway road course for the only time this season, before returning to the series’ de facto home track at Summit Point (this time, on the short configuration) for Week Seven.

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