The Production Car Challenge finished the season and the series at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The Production Car Challenge concluded its final season at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California.  This 2.3-mile, eleven turn layout provides sim drivers with ski slope elevation changes, mostly left hand turns and The Corkscrew; what’s more the circuit provided great racing which changed the outcome of the championship in both the Pontiac and Mazda classes.

The 2013 Season 4 Pontiac Solstice title run has been so close there was a tie in the overall standings not once but twice, while the Mazda Championship was won by a driver who was a week behind the entire season entering Week 12.

Inside the numbers – Week 12 – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
395:    The number of drivers who started a race in the Mazda.
225:    The number of drivers who started a race in the Solstice.
163:    The number of Rookies who started a race in the Mazda.
89:      The number of Rookies who started a race in the Solstice.
24:      The number of Rookies who won a race in the Mazda.
23:      The number of Rookies who won a race in the Solstice.

A Solstice tries the “Zanardi line” through The Corkscrew . . .

Pontiac Solstice
CHAMPION-Andrey Loginov (Central-Eastern Europe)
Already a Season 2 champion, Loginov became a 2013 two-time winner by clinching the Season 4 title in stunning fashion. Laguna Seca saw Loginov win the highest SOF race which paid 251 points against the runner-up (Miller).  Season Stats- 30 Starts, 27 Poles, 26 Wins, 30 Top-5’s, 263 of 527 Laps Led.
This Week-P1 / Last Week-P1 / Points-1267.

SECOND PLACE-Bryan J Miller (California)
Miller spent most of the season a week behind but when he did catch up he become a major threat to Loginov’s title run which came down to one last dual at Seca.  If the race had gone Miller’s way he would be hanging the Championship Certificate over his mantel.  His season stats are stout- 49 Starts, 46 Poles, 41 Wins, 49 Top-5’s, 329 of 804 laps led.  This Week-P2 / Last Week-P2 / Points-1138.

THIRD PLACE-Matt Dafoe (Canada)
Matt Dafoe (Canada) raced his way into the top three very late in the season knocking Season 3 champion Lewis King (Mid-South) down to fourth overall.  Dafoe’s season stats- 57 Starts, 41 Poles, 37 Wins, 55 Top-5’s and led 176 of 1047 laps.
This Week-P3 / Last Week-P3 / Points-985.

Schon’s performance was very impressive this season as he had the fastest average lap at every track on the schedule, scoring a perfect 800 points in eight counted weeks.  The busy Loginov finished in second with 779 points and Lewis King rounds out the top three with 751 points.

Notables: The “Iron-Man” awards for Week 12 and the season go to Silas Vance (California) who went a perfect 17 wins in 17 starts at Laguna Seca and Miroslav Juricek (Central-Eastern Europe) who won 107 of 179 races in S4.

Laguna Seca’s slick surface proved a challenge for many sim-racers.

Mazda Roadster
CHAMPION-Kevin Lewis (New England)
Kevin Lewis (New England) spent the entire season a week behind but that didn’t stop him from racking-up double digit wins each week to clinch the 2013 Season 4 championship.  Lewis qualified number uno at Laguna Seca, had the fastest lap average in time trials and won the highest SOF race which paid 175 points.  Lewis also had the best Mazda season statistics. Season stats- 87 Starts, 87 Poles, 84 Wins, 87 Top 5’s, Led 1420 of 1478 laps.  This Week-P1 / Last Week-P7 / Points-1081.

Paul Knight (UK and I) needed a productive week at Laguna Seca in order to have a shot at the title and he delivered with a 145 point average in six races, second best for the week.  Although he came up short in the overall championship, Knight did clinch the Division 2 title, edging-out Joao Dario (Iberia) by four points.  Season stats- 86 Starts, 48 Poles, 43 Wins, 71 Top 5’s and led 891 of 1423 laps.
This Week-P2 / Last Week-P3 / Points-1018.

THIRD PLACE-Joao Dario (Iberia)
Dario took the points lead early in the season and held onto it all the way to Week 11.  However at Laguna Seca he did not win a race in four starts and his 104 points was seventeenth best.  Season stats- 47 Starts, 37 Poles, 30 Wins, 39 Top 5’s and led 590 of 723 laps.  This Week-P3 / Last Week-P1 / Points-1014.

“Mothers” keeps the Mazda and Solstice aerodynamic.

TIME TRIAL CHAMPION-Yoeri Flossie (Benelux)
Flossie claimed the Season 4 TT title with 786 points even as he finished fourth in the overall race standings, thanks to 39 race wins.  Jay Adgie (UK&I) finished 87 points behind with 699 and Antonio Garcia (Iberia) rounds-out the top three with 659 points.

Notables:  The “Iron-Man” awards in Mazda go to Robert Young (New England) who won 27 races in 115 starts and Tamas Feher won 24 of 145 starts enroute to winning a Division four title.  John Unsbee (West) finished fifth overall with 919 points by winning 37 times in 53 starts.

Solstice Division Champions – 2013 – Season 4
Division 1- Andrey Loginov (Central-Eastern Europe)
Division 2- Siarhei Marshyn (Central-Eastern Europe)
Division 3- Matt Dafoe (Canada)
Division 4- Darren W Jump (Florida)
Division 5- Fatih Aytac (International)
Division 6- Marco Barcelos (Iberia)
Division 7- Pierluigi Pasini (Italy)
Division 8- Glen Martin (Pennsylvania)
Division 9- Juan Castro Vasquez (International)
Division 10- Petey J Zehler (New York)
Rookie- Bradley Vanian (UK&I)

Mazda and Solstice drivers alike enjoyed battling together for the iRacing Production Car Challenge finale.

Mazda Division Champions – 2013 – Season 4
Division 1- Kevin Lewis (New England)
Division 2- Paul Knight (UK&I)
Division 3- Vik Tomov (Australia/NZ)
Division 4- Tamas Feher (Central-Eastern Europe)
Division 5- Alex Crapser (Mid-West)
Division 6- Alex Bagnall (UK&I)
Division 7- Brandyn Kinsey (International)
Division 8- SIM Ten (California)
Division 9- Nigel Owen (UK&I)
Division 10- Dave Dudley (Australia/NZ)
Rookie- Jussi Pajala (Finland)

Congratulations Division Champions!

This brings the checkered flag down on the Production Car Challenge series.  Thanks to all participants.

*Special thanks to John Unsbee for providing screen shots for most of the articles this season.

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