The fastest field in the two year history of the Indy 500 is set, with 33 of the world’s best sim racers poised to take the green flag at 12 noon (ET) on Saturday, May 28 for the top split in “The Greatest Spectacle in Sim Racing.” The race will be broadcast on, streamed on and shown on big screen televisions around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

More than 600 other sim racers have also qualified for the Indy 500.  Those with iRacing licenses of C and above will race in splits of their own on Saturday at 12 noon, while rookies and D license-holders will take the green flag at 4 pm ET.

The second annual Indy 500 is set for Saturday, May 28.

Qualifying on the top split pole is Scandinavian IndyCar ace Yang Ou with Indiana’s John Paquin and California’s Rhawn Black completing the top three qualifiers. Like the “other” Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, the Indy 500 will feature some familiar names in Cary and Todd Bettenhausen (sons of former IndyCar driver Gary Bettenhausen and grandsons of 1958 National Champion Tony Bettenhausen). The field also includes a family act in the forms of Scott and Chris Manifold, distaff sim racer in Monica Clara Brand and, unlike the Indianapolis 500 itself which still has never seen a driver with the last name of Smith, Dave Carr Smith of England.

Catch all the action on on Saturday, beginning at 12 noon ET.

The complete starting lineup follows:

Yang Ou, Scandinavia: 39.190

John Paquin, Indiana: 39.262

Rhawn Black, California: 39.274

Tim Doyle, Atlantic: 39.275

Marty Sponsler, MidWest: 39.283

Shaun Stroud, England: 39.324

Danno Brookins, West: 39.345

Chris Cahoe, Indiana: 39.346

Sean Graham, Eastern Canada: 39.348

Tim Holgate, Ohio: 39.351

James Allard, New York: 39.352

Dave Carr Smith, England: 39.355

Cary Bettenhausen, Indiana: 39.361

Vincent Sciuto, Connecticut: 39.365

Scott Manifold, Indiana: 39.365

Fabian de Jong, Benelux: 39.367

Robert Bohanek, Texas: 39.372

Kenny Humpe, Ohio: 39.373

Nicholas Morse, West: 39.377

Rene Venderbosch, Benelux: 39.377

Tim Claessens, Benelux: 39.378

Niles Anders, Plains: 39.378

Jarno Pannekeet, Benelux: 39.379

Aleksi Elomaa, Finland: 39.380

Christopher Peters, Indiana: 39.380

Kevin Parrish, Indiana: 39.381

Todd Bettenhausen, Indiana: 39.382

Chris Manifold, Indiana: 39.384

Joey Schmidt, Benelux: 39.384

Tom Haake, California: 39.386

Alan Orton, Eastern Canada: 39.391

Monica Clara Brand, Eastern-Central Europe: 39.391

Ryan Murray, Atlantic: 39.393

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