Editor’s note:  The following article was posted on GameSkinny.com by iRacing’s newest fan following a test drive at PAX East last weekend.

I love driving fast.  When I walked by the iRacing booth at PAX 2013 there was a line wrapped around the whole booth.  Drivers stood patiently for their turn to get behind the wheel of a Gen-6 Chevrolet SS.  I looked at the long line, calculating the wait time in my head, then surveyed the rest of the expo hall from my positioning and made a decision of the heart– I want to go fast!  I took my position in the back.  As the line moved up you watched heat after heat of six drivers with their big screens and backs to the crowd make an attempt for the coveted first place finish.

To the far left there was a giant monitor broadcasting a birds eye view of the race.  Looking at the drivers cockpit, none realized the magnitude of some of their 200 mph hits.  What the drivers saw was the world spinning around them; completely disoriented as to where the track was.  A few tried to limp their car to a finish smoking and leaking fluids instead of hitting the inevitable reset button that took them to the pit and start all over again.   Watching these crashes happen only wet my appetite.   The only thing missing from my spectator experience was a beer and the hot sun cooking my skin.

Then it was my turn.

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