So you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a real-life racecar? Car racing can be a real thrill, but the fact is, it’s costly and requires knowing the right people. Check out this comparison of iRacing against the real thing. Real racing is:

Extremely Expensive

Le Mans winning Porsche 2015Real-life racers have to be trained in the sport, and racing school can be incredibly expensive. The top-performing race schools in the U.S. charge tuition upwards of $6,000 — and that’s only for the basics – not to mention the cost of track passes, equipment and your car or rental fees. The fact is, unless you’re a seasoned professional, racing is an incredibly expensive hobby.


You’ve seen the headlines and watched live as some of your favorite racers lost control and crashed. Racecar drivers put their lives on the line with every race. No matter how much training and equipment you have, traveling at 200 MPH in a metal box will never be considered safe by most standards.

Inaccessible to Many

Oftentimes, racetracks won’t let just anyone saunter onto the track for a spin. You’ll first need to find a racetrack that’s nearby and then you’ll be required to prove your skill and qualify. Sure, many tracks allow you to purchase day passes and take a few laps, but racing takes time, money and skill.

The Best Sim Racing Game for People Who want the Next Best Thing

If you’re looking for the best PC-based sim racing game, don’t choose just any driving simulator. iRacing is the sim racing leader in graphics, physics, track technology, car technology and overall realism thanks to our proprietary technologies that focus on authenticity. iRacing outperforms all other console and PC racing games by a considerable margin, and here’s why:

Precise Science

iRacing employs racers-turned-designers-and-engineers to ensure the most lifelike racing experience imaginable. No other racing game offers as many simulation racing tech breakthroughs as iRacing. From NASCAR Cup cars to Sports Cars, iRacing ensures that each and every vehicle in our fleet is meticulously replicated for record-breaking speed and an authentic feel.

McLaren Honda MP4-30 in iRacingSuperior Physics Engines

We’ve developed cutting-edge sim racing technologies, including impressive vehicle modeling and a hyper-realistic physics engine. We account for high-speed mathematical algorithms, data-driven calculations and dynamic forces to give virtual racers the exact same physical dynamics that real-world drivers experience on the track. Accuracy and realism are the foundations of iRacing.





Unbeatable Track Technology

You choose sim racing games for their authenticity and lifelike racing experience, and iRacing is committed to ensuring the same standards for each new track we develop. iRacing tracks are precisely modeled using proprietary technologies, including 3-D laser-scanning and active weather effects, to make your PC experience indistinguishable from a real-world lap around your favorite track.

User Flexibility

Southern National Motorsports Park in iRacingCompared to other car games, iRacing is favored for its flexibility among users. Our members race against who they want in private and public leagues that are open around the clock. You’ll also be able to race wherever you want (choose from more than 70 unique racetracks and counting) and create your own scoring systems, if desired.