The Nascar Class B Series traveled to Texas Motor Speedway for Week 11 of Season One 2012. As the season winds down, the battle for the Top Five heats up. There will be a new NiCBS champion but who will it be? Phil Juhring (New Jersey) looked to cement his position at the top while others like Brad Mahar (New England) make last minute efforts to knock Juhring off the top. During Week 11, 1001 sim racers attempted at least one race while 350 drivers attempted at least one lap in qualifying.

Jason Karlavige leading the race.

The high Strength of Field race for Week 11 took place Thursday night. The race had 28 drivers and SoF of 4596, which pays 294 points to win. Jason Karlavige (Pennsylvania) dominated the race starting on the pole and leading all 100 laps while also setting the fasted lap of the race. NiSWC driver Tyler D Hudson (Mid-South) finished in the second position, less than one second off the lead. Hudson started the race 19th, picking off 17 spots throughout the race. For his effort, Hudson received 283 points. Devan Hall (Georgia) finished in the third position, three seconds behind Karlavige. Hall received 272 points. Ander Shirley (Mid-South) and Juhring rounded out the Top Five. Shirley finished the race just over three seconds behind while Juhring was over six seconds behind. For their efforts, Shirley and Juhring received 261 and 250 points respectively. The race only had two cautions for eight laps.

Click here to watch the race.

Brad Mahar (12) battling Ian Hann (25).

At the end of the week, Phil Juhring was at the top of the weekly standings. Juhring only ran one race and netted 250 points. Hudson finished the week in the second position after attempting five races, winning two and finishing in the Top Five in all his races. Hudson finished the week with 231 points. Jason Karlavige finished third after dominating the SoF race. Karlavige attempted seven races, winning six and finishing the week with 225 points. Alex Scribner (Texas) finished the week in the fourth position after running three races. Scribner won one of his three races and had an average finish of seventh. Scribner finished the week with 210 points. Brad Mahar rounded out the Top Five after only attempting one race. Mahar finished ninth in his only race and finished the week with 206 points.

Phil Juhring maintained his championship point lead after Week 11. Juhring lost three points to Mahar after Texas but still maintains a healthy 195 point lead. John Bunton (Carolina) moved to the third position after Week 11, knocking Brandon Buie to fourth. Bunton has 1466 points while Buie has 1438 points. Jeffrey Parker rounds out the Top Five with 1430 points.

Jukka Savolainen (Finland) once again found himself on top of the qualifying charts with a 28.937 second lap. Karlavige finished the week in second with a 28.955 while Juhring finished in the third position with a 29.020. Jared Crawford (Michigan) finished the week in the fourth position with a 29.027 while Hall finished in the fifth position with a 29.045 second lap.

For the final week of the season, the NiCBS travels to Richmond, Virginia to race on the ¾ mile Richmond International Speedway. Phil Juhring has a lock on the championship while Brad Mahar has comfortable lead for second. The rest of the Top Five is up for grabs. Who will finish the season strong and cement the positions in the Top Five? Find out next week at InRacingNews!

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