’s GRAND-AM Online Sports Car Series visited the famous Daytona International Speedway to begin 2013 Season 1.  The 3.56 mile (5.729 km) “Roval” played host to some fantastic racing throughout the week.  With the addition of the new McLaren MP4-12C GT3 to the series and many drivers wanting more action after the Daytona 2.4 World Tour event, we witnessed major increases in population.   The Daytona Prototype ranks saw 699 drivers enter a race session, 293 place a qualifying lap and 93 complete a time trial.  In the McLaren, 719 drivers entered a race session, 384 placed a qualifying lap, and 108 completed a time trial.

Nearly 700 iRacers entered their Daytona Prototypes in Week One of the GRAND-AM Online Sports Car Series competition.

Riley Mk XX Daytona Prototype

Leading the way after the season opener is Richard Kis (Central Eastern Europe), scoring 199 points.  In the 3232 SOF race, Kis started from the pole position, fell to second between Laps Eight and Nine and then retook the lead. After this, he only lost the lead again during pit stops on Lap 26, which he then retook on Lap 35 before cruising to victory with a margin of 18.667 seconds, having led a total of 38 laps.  Kis also competed in two other races throughout the week where he scored two tenth place finishes.

Second in class was Marcin Skrzypczak (Central Eastern Europe), scoring 197 points. Skrzypczak started from the second position and engaged in a hard battle George Sandman (California).  Leading 15 laps, Skrzypczak took the victory by a slim 0.126 seconds.  Skrzypczak also competed in two other races throughout the week, scoring victories in both of them.

Concluding the class podium was Ryan Field (Massachusetts), scoring 195 points.  Field started from the pole position and led every lap of the 80 minute race, crossing the stripe with a 25.293 second victory in his only race of the week.

As this was the first week of the season, the overall standings sit the same as the week’s results.  Drivers completing the top ten include Pawel Bienkowski (Central Eastern Europe), Jim Shedlick (Carolina), Danilo Piazza (Italy), Sandman, Tyson Cierpal (Australia/NZ), Mitchel Dejong (California), and Jonathon Hall (California).

In just a few short weeks since its introduction, the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 has become one of iRacing’s most popular cars.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Topping the charts for the “slower” class is Sergio Roda Junior (Brazil), scoring 229 points.  In his only race of the week, Roda started from the second position and, after an intense battle, took the lead on Lap Eight.  After the early departure of some other competitors, Roda brought home fifth overall and the class victory.

Filling the second step on the podium is Attila Sipos (Central Eastern Europe) with the same score as Roda, 229 points.  Sipos started from the pole position, fell down the running order with an early pit stop, but retained his lead after the rest cycled through.  Sipos then cruised to a class victory and eighth place finish overall.  He also competed in one other race throughout the week, but suffered a DNF.

Taking the final step on the podium is Mikael Hellén (Scandinavia), on 217 points.  Hellén started from the fifth position and advanced throughout the race thanks to a combination of good speed and the misfortune of others, bringing home a second place finish.  Hellén also competed in two other races at Daytona, scoring a victory and a fourth place finish.

The same as the Prototype standings, being the first week, the McLaren standings sit the same as the week’s results.  Completing the top ten we have Niek Versteege (Benelux), Fredrik Follestad (Scandinavia), Paul Ilbrink (Benelux), Fabio J M Cursino (Brazil), Darren Seal (England), Ricardo Goncalves Silva (Brazil), and Muhammed S Patel (England).

Next week the GRAND-AM Online Sports Car Series will head to another famous American circuit, Road America.  The 4.048 mile (6.515 km) track features all types of corners along with numerous passing zones.  This should be another great week of online racing, so check back next week for updates on Road America.  Also keep your eyes on for updates on other series throughout the service, and many other informational articles of interest of any race fan.

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