For Week Six, the midway point of the season, the NiCBS traveled to Richmond International Raceway. Drivers raced under the lights at the 0.75 mile oval located in Richmond, Va. For the week, 544 drivers attempted at least one race while 200 drivers turned at least one lap in qualifying.

Sitting on the grid before the start of the race.

Sitting on the grid before the start of the race.

Week Six’s SoF race took place at Friday at 8:30pm EST and had 29 drivers. The SoF for the race was 5091, which paid 326 points to win. Chad Laughton (Carolina) started on the pole and led the first nine laps before relinquishing the lead after a pit stop under caution. Alex Warren (Illinois) 41 laps until being passed by Jared Crawford (Michigan). Crawford would nine laps before losing the lead under caution. Laughton would take over the top spot and lead the rest of the race in route to a two tenth victory over Joe Holt (Mid-South). Laughton scored 326 points while Holt scored 314 points. Dylan Duval (Eastern Canada) finished in the third position followed by Crawford. Duval scored 302 points while Crawford received 291 points. Peter Bennett (Connecticut) rounded out the Top Five and scored 279 points. There were 3 lead changes among three drivers. Laughton led the most laps with 70, while Warren, who was involved in a wreck on lap 83, led 41 laps and Crawford led nine laps. The race was slowed 10 times for 45 laps.

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After the midway point in the season, Chris Seymour (Western Canada) still maintains the season point’s lead. Seymour finished 18th in the SoF race, his only race of the week, and scored 128 points. Seymour’s point total is now 1329 points. Crawford moved up to the second spot in points after his fourth place finish on Friday night. Crawford added 291 points to his total, which is 1250 points with only four weeks counted for the season.  Brandon Buie (Atlantic) dropped to the third place in points after Week Six. Buie scored 191 points in a victory at Richmond in a 3002 SoF race which brings his total to 1225 points. Aleksi Elomaa (Finland) dropped to the fourth position in the points after a less than stellar outing at Richmond. Elomaa finished 15th in the SoF race and scored 163 points, which gives him a season total of 1187 points.  Richard Dusett (New England) rounds out the Top Five in the point’s standings after Six Weeks. Dusett finished eighth at Richmond and scored 244 points which brings his season points total to 1180 points.

Laughton, the only driver to break into the 19 second mark, turned the fastest lap of the week in qualifying after turning a 19.999 second lap. Crawford was second on the boards with a 20.034 while Dusett finished the week in third with a 20.060 second lap. Duval finished the week in the fourth spot with a 20.078 second lap while Justin Brooks (Carolina) rounded out the Top Five with a 20.101 second lap.

After the midway point in the season, Chris Seymour has the point’s lead while Jared Crawford sits in second with two less weeks counted. It appears that Crawford is in the driver’s seat in this season championship race, if he decides to compete the rest of the season. Richard Dusett and Chad Laughton are also sitting pretty in the fifth and sixth spot in points with only five weeks counted.  For Week Seven of the season, the NiCBS will travel to Chicagoland Speedway. Who will come out on top at the 1.5 mile track? Find out next week at InRacingNews!

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